15 thoughts on “Damn it! We’re British you know!

  1. Paul, I can’t believe how well Britain did in the London Olympics and after Murray’s success we’re now second in the medals behind America. When I was a kid even getting one gold record seemed a major achievement.

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    1. Just listening now to BBC’s Radio 4 World At One where they are reviewing the funding from the National Lottery and the development of a first-class training system as contributors to this wonderful success.

      It is an incredible result!


      1. I don’t know the answer factually. The National Lottery is, of course, an entirely British affair and that segment on the World At One left me with the impression that our sporting progress likewise was a domestic programme.


      1. I got one of the first ones after BMW bought it. The one I have now is the Countryman, a little bigger but still corners like crazy. This is my fourth straight MINI. Still driving stick shift, too.


      2. Wow! That’s real commitment to a brand! 😊

        Mind you, there are times when I find myself missing a manual gearbox; these modern automatic boxes are way too clever at times!

        So well done on staying with the ‘stick’.

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      3. LOL I went without a car for 25 years and then got a ‘car crush’ on the MINI Cooper after seeing it star in movie The Italian Job. I HAD to have one.


  2. Gee that was really beautiful and so unusual. Loved it. I saw that the Brits were doing very well at the Olympics and I’m so glad for all the athletes who worked so hard. You can be proud of your country.

    I see Coopers all over my town now. The trend began about 2-3 years ago and just keeps growing. I think the Cooper is the cutest car on the market.

    Oh and I almost forgot, I like the schnauzer wearing the British flag. So cute.


  3. I have been glued to the TV this last couple of weeks Paul.. Even getting up in the middle of the night to watch and last night was rewarded with another GB Gold in taekwondo for Jade Jones.. 🙂 Loved the events especially the cycling and swimming 🙂


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