A wonderful step forward.

Setting a fabulous example of what an animal shelter should be like!

The chances are that the great majority of domestic animal lovers have an impression of the standard animal shelter. The chances are that this impression is not one of wall-to-wall approval. It is tragic that animal shelters are required but it is a fact of life that they are needed. Many of them depend heavily on volunteers and donated money.

But that’s not to say that there can’t be a shelter setting a very high example of how a shelter should be.

My prelude to the following article seen recently over on the Care2 site. Read and enjoy!


All Shelters Should Look Like This


10 thoughts on “A wonderful step forward.

  1. Yes it is sad there needs to be shelters.. But I am so pleased that there are so many well equipped ones out there.. I only heard on the radio this morning how the RSPCA are having to put perfectly healthy animals to sleep because so many animals are being abandoned.. Especially those whose breed is on the dangerous animal listings.. So sad..


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