A political diversion.

This essay from George Monbiot just has to be read as widely as possible.

Dear followers of this blog know that from time to time I dip into politics. I do so because something I read strikes me with such force that I want others to read the article or essay. Not infrequently, my ‘dip’ is in the form of republishing an essay from George Monbiot who, long ago, gave me blanket permission to republish his essays. That is the case today.

Buy The Book

I was inspired to write my book, subsequently self-published last December, because I truly believe that the values that we see in our longest animal companions are values that we, as in our societies, from top to bottom, have to embrace if we are to stand any chance of surviving as a species.

Reflect on the fact that dogs do not lie, they do not set out to deceive or influence others for their own personal gain and they are utterly creatures of integrity.

OK, I can hear some of you thinking that dogs are dogs and humans are humans and it’s just plain daft to link the two in this fashion. My only answer to that is to read the book or, at the very least, download and read the first twenty-five pages (for free). Better still purchase the book and have 50% of my net income donated to the Rogue Valley Humane Society.

On the 28th July, George Monbiot published an essay entitled So Much For Sovereignty. I read the essay and, frankly, was apalled at what George was describing: the background of the UK’s new international trade secretary, Liam Fox, recently appointed by Theresa May.

Read it for yourself and see if you react the same way that I did!


So Much For Sovereignty

9 thoughts on “A political diversion.

  1. Yes I agree.. we need leaders who embrace Truth.. so many embrace their own pockets and agendas first however..
    I had not known the background of Mr Fox.. The more I read, hear and learn about the political scene the more I want to withdraw from it..
    Thank you for this enlightening share Paul

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    1. Sue, I feel the same way. Yet the more I want to ‘bury my head’ in loving Jean and all our animals, the more persistent is the voice in my head telling me to stay informed about the politics of this world. Lovely feedback, Sue.

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      1. Yes my hubby keeps me well informed Paul.. 🙂 Even though I try to escape LOL ..
        And the world is turning faster in the scheme of things as changes are everywhere right now..

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      2. Sue, just wanted to affirm where you’re at with the political melee that’s the norm, these days. Where it’s important, I think, to be generally informed, I’m really endeavoring not to make myself nuts over it – rather, to simply hold the space and energy for ‘the best’ to emerge in my being. To do that, I cannot be swayed by the pomp and circumstance. I wonder if you are similar this way. And certainly, to affirm Paul’s place in it, there needs to be intelligent discussion by those feeling called to share and speak. I applaud it, Paul. It’s just not my place right now, though it certainly was years ago. Cheers, both! ❤

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      3. Yes Bela I would at one time hold many a passionate debate on many a topic such as this..
        While being like you fully aware of the world and its workings, I choose these days to focus my energy not in debate, but in peace .. We had a similar discussion before I feel. We both Care too much, which is why we choose as we do. Accepting that what is.. IS.. But also holding within us a knowing that all is for a purpose, All has reason, and all will unfold as it is meant to.. Without my own energies getting wound up tight about it.. ( one time I would, like a clock spring ) But we know what happens when we keep on winding.. 😉 so I release it to the Universe.. It has a Plan better than any of us can forsee.. 🙂 ❤ Thank you Bela.. xx

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  2. I cannot ingest the article just now, but wanted to say I wholeheartedly agree with your philosophy on dogs. If humans could only learn from them, the world would doubtless be a better place. ❤

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