A Romantic Proposal in mind?

Just had to share this with you!

I sat down in front of my PC a little after 3pm. I was knackered, not to put too polite a spin on it! For the reason that since 9am this morning young Justin and I had been working outside repairing the front, road-side, boundary fence because our lovely Brandy had discovered a hole in it. Jean and I only becoming aware of that break in the fence when neighbouring residents, Dordie and Pam, on setting out for a bike ride yesterday, found Brandy waiting outside our front gate, which is a quarter-of-a-mile from our house. Brandy, as with all the other dogs that we have, is far too precious to delay mending the fence.

Jean and Brandy at our local yard sale last weekend.
Jean and Brandy at our local yard sale last weekend.

So, as I always do, when I can’t muster the creative juices is to see what’s sitting in my ‘blog’ mail folder.


The following recently was sent to me by neighbour Larry, his email simply saying, “Is this what they call “British Humor”??


(P.S. Best to watch a little after you have eaten!)

Follow that, as they say!

12 thoughts on “A Romantic Proposal in mind?

      1. John, Jean awoke just a few moments ago and I have just played your video in front of us both. It is so beautiful and important that I want some time to fully compose my response. Plus Jean and I need some time to stop weeping!

        Just had this idea to feature your video and my reply as tomorrow’s post.

        Thank you, John, for sharing this. Thank you so much.

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  1. Paul, Where are you? I guess America if your front gate is that far away!! Sorry we lost touch. Did you know that Martin died October 2014? . Stephanie Leach.


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