Charles Bergman

The way we can reach out to others in these modern times.

A fellow local author, Constance Frankland, who has been mentioned previously here on Learning from Dogs followed up last Sunday’s Picture Parade with a comment on my Facebook page:

You might enjoy the site of Dr. Charles Bergman. I was privileged to take writing classes from him when his features were just breaking into Audubon and National Geographic. He was researching the thought-to-be-extinct Trumpeter Swan when survivors were found. (“Wild Echoes: Encounters With the Most Endangered Animals”)

It was then the matter of a moment to hop across to that website address and read this on the home page:

Charles Bergman

A writer, photographer and speaker who lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and is a prof at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.
He’s twice been a Fulbright Scholar in Latin America–Mexico and Ecuador–traveled extensively around the world, especially in Latin America from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego. He writes and publishes extensively on animals, nature, and sustainability–with many cover stories in such magazines as Smithsonian, Audubon, All Animals (Humane Society),, Defenders, and many more.  His photographs accompany his articles. He has written three books, and has won the Washington State Book Award, Southwest Book Award, and the Benjamin Franklin Book Award. He was a finalist for the PEN USA Literary Award.
He loves animals and wildlife of all kinds, and has developed a new-found love for Antarctica and Africa.

His home page includes this photograph:

Abbotti Cockatoo–Indonesia

Cockatoo--Abbotti--Nest 4 Display 4-MThere seemed to be many interesting articles & essays on his site and despite the fact that Mr. Bergman is currently in Uganda, his reply to my request for permission to republish some of his posts came through promptly:

Greetings from Uganda!  I’m here working in the Uganda Wildlife Education Center, back shortly.  Yes, you may certainly republish my materials.  I’ll be very interested to follow the process.


Charles Bergman

You can count on me picking out some of Professor Bergman’s writings to share with you soon.

This reaching to others, friends and strangers, is a wonderful aspect of present times.

2 thoughts on “Charles Bergman

  1. Looked at Professor Bergman’s website. Great articles, great photographs. What an incredibly rewarding life he must live.


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