A future apocalypse?

How many of us really, truly care about the future?

If you sense a heartfelt plea in my sub-heading then you will not be wrong.

What has happened to our instincts for our survival?

What strikes me as so tragic is that if I asked you to guess the topic of today’s post before you read on, the odds are that you would chose from any number of subjects that reveal a society hell-bent on self-extinction!

OK, let me get to the point.

A little over 10 days ago I republished a George Monbiot essay that spoke about the madness of chicken production in the UK. Mr. Monbiot’s essay was called Fowl Deeds and was within my post called We are what we eat!

Well George Monbiot has just published a sequel to Fowl Deeds that I am going to republish in this place tomorrow.

But what I am going to offer for today, as a prelude to tomorrow’s post, is a YouTube video of a BBC Panorama program that was screened earlier on in May. The program was called Antibiotic Apocalypse and was about the threat of increasing resistance to modern Antibiotics.

Why does this make such an important prelude?

Because as you will see when you watch the Panorama program much of our ‘factory’ food comes from animals that are fed antibiotics!

How to close?

All that comes to mind is a wonderful throwaway remark from a old boy, village resident, when supping a pint of bitter in The Church House Inn; what used to be my local pub in my home village of Harberton, Devon.  This is what he said:

All the world’s a little queer except thee and me, and I ha’ me doubts about thee!

Interior of The Church House Inn, Harberton, Devon.

Indeed, all the world is more than a ‘little queer’!

6 thoughts on “A future apocalypse?

  1. Doing Little About Antibiotic Resistance Has to Do With Who Is In Charge. Not Us!

    There are two crazy aspects to antibiotic governance: 2) they are systematically given (in the USA) to farmed animals; it can be proven that resistance has evolved on farms. Not that becoming an organic vegan would help: in the USA, “organic” vegetables can be given antibiotics. That’s actually bad, but not as bad as:

    1) research in new antibiotics is insufficiently funded. There are tens of thousands of new, undiscovered antibiotics out there in nature, especially in the sea..

    The common cause of what may look as two absurdities to befuddled observers, is that the plutocratic class and its obsequious servants are in charge. All what leads their decisions is the principle of as much profits as possible, for themselves, while the fewest thinking is given to the best morality.

    Indeed, making a habit of the latter, putting resources, mental and financial, in the service of “We The People” would be adverse to their class.

    Thus the policy of leaders of top pharmaceuticals, and the food lobbies, makes eminent sense, in their vision of the universe, a universe at the exclusive service of the “leaders”, or wealthiest. They sincerely believe that’s the best imaginable universe. They are the best (aristos) and they rule, they have the power (kratos). At least so they think, and too many of us feel we have to believe.

    1. Patrice, thank you. I can think of few others who work so hard to convince the world at large of the madness of these present times. What value will there be in money and power when there is nothing left!

  2. Yes people should really wake up to this, and the amount of chemicals in our processed foods not counting vaccines… our bodies are not geared up for this.. Our immune systems are collapsing …..
    Many thanks for sharing…
    Sue x

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