11 thoughts on “One small step at a time

  1. 200 USA companies make more than 100 billion dollars of tax evasion for their European profits, each year, through Luxembourg alone.
    The effort was headed by the well named J-C Juncker (Junker?), present head of the EC.

    Not to say David Cameron is not even worse… He is, as his absence in trying to reason malignant, invasive, plutocrat Putin clearly demonstrates…

    Why? Because London “Conservatives” make beaucoup bucks from Assad, Putin, and the like…

    1. Patrice, thanks for stopping by and leaving your response. All that may be hoped for is that public awareness, which appears to be growing, in no small measure I don’t doubt from your own essays, translates into political awareness. I am quietly confident that it will.

      1. Hi Paul. Thanks for the answer. You made me laugh! “I don’t doubt from your own essays”. ha ha ha. I had an exclusive access to the president, and a torrent, a tsunami, an ocean to feed him with, and it proved nothing versus the powers that be! Got me very depressed for a few years.

        Now, though, I have come to realize that fighting for what is right and against what is evil is all the heavens we can aspire to… 😉

      2. Forget the so-called leaders! What is happening is that the general public are a great deal more wise about the reality of our modern world. I gave a short talk to the local Lions Club yesterday and included this sentence: “That there are destructive and dysfunctional issues in today’s societies: Selfishness; Power & Corruption; Short-termism; Materialism; Population growth; Greed, inequality and poverty.”

        There were a number of head nods from the listeners.

  2. The worst issue is lack of understanding of the forces in presence.
    Krugman said last week: “Nobody Understands Debt”.

    Well, I did better than him, and now he is catching up. But the public is far behind. The sleight of hand of the banks’ collapse in 2008, and the scandalous rescue-through-plutocracy was not really understood. People do not even understand how money is created.


  3. Hey thanks for including my video! I’m happy discussing growth as an option rather than an inevitability — or the entire goal of the economy — is becoming less taboo.

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