Bitter Lake ripples.

Reflections on last Thursday’s post.

Last Thursday, I published a post under the title of Oil, money, banks, guns and blood. It was such a departure from my normal style of blog post that I anticipated that it would slide by without any comment. Wrong! It had the highest readership of the week and attracted some powerful and insightful replies. So much so that I expressed the desire to reflect on those replies before responding. Thus, today’s post is my response to your comments and feelings.

First, Hariod Brawn of the blogsite Contentedness responded, in part:

Now, where are we? Val’s words are a good place to begin: “Nothing is what is seems, or will ever be the same again.” Nobody knows for sure, but piecing together fragments of world events, my instinct (fwiw) tells me that we are in the incipient stages of the collapse of the 20th.c. paradigm. Neoliberalism has failed; further than that, Capitalism has failed – we have no free markets where it counts; they’re all rigged. Politics has failed too, having been bought out by the corporates. [There are over 30,000 lobbyists in Washington alone] All that Western Governments have to offer is a doomed re-run of failed practices (same with Japan actually). Worse still, they have gone down on their knees and begged the financial sector to create a fix. The private banks have been given access to vast sums of QE cash at virtually zero interest in order to continue rigging markets (via their agents) all to their benefit whilst also creating huge market distortions in asset bubbles. Has the wealth they created trickled down? Has it hell. Whilst all this is going on, and as the film so clearly demonstrates, the Middle East looks like fulfilling its promise of the last century as being the flashpoint for warfare on a vast scale. And of course, if by some miracle we escape financial collapse, and world peace is not threatened by warfare, then the environment is going down the pan because – guess what? – our politicians have failed us once again. I have said enough on this.

Hariod then went on to recommend the films of Chris Hedges that will be featured on Learning from Dogs at a future date.

Then Val Boyco, her blogsite being Find Your Middle Ground, wrote a response before viewing the film:

Without being informed yet … my thinking is that the world we live in is so complex, stressful and fast that we can’t absorb everything that happens. We simplify and label, in order to make sense. We chop and segment in order to understand, but we miss the full story and many have lost the ability to grasp the bigger picture…. or are too fearful of going against the expectations of others and becoming one of “them” instead of one of “us”.

Then reinforced by her comment after watching the film:

I just watched the movie Paul. It is powerful and very disturbing. As you say, it undermines what we believe is real. It also reveals the complexity – misunderstanding – manipulation – corruption – opium, oil and the struggle for power – naivety – chaos.
In the dualistic fairy tale world of good vs evil it has created a nightmare of errors.
Nothing is what is seems.
Or will ever be the same again.

There was a comment from Patrice Ayme:

Giant American global corporations, the 200 largest ones, do 100 billion dollars of tax evasion through Luxembourg alone. Each year. Many are media companies. Wonder why stories make no sense?

Juncker directed that. Now he is head of the European Commission, and insist Greece shall pay every single penny.

As it happened, my dad was among a European group of geologists working for the Afghan government, who discovered Afghanistan’s riches… In the 1970s. All hell broke loose shortly thereafter.

I write about these sorts of things, day in, day out. But most people prefer the opium of feel-good…

Patrice then went further in offering a post over on his own blog that carried the specific title of Great Bitter Lake. Let me quote a little from that:

“Bitter Lake” is about the conspiracy between American plutocracy and Saudi plutocracy. Plutocrat Roosevelt was freshly flown from Yalta, to the Great Bitter Lake, on the Suez Canal. The idea was to steal the Maghreb, and the Middle East from the French and the British, by making a theocratic alliance.

At Yalta, Roosevelt had given half of Europe to his Comrade Stalin. (Plutocrats of the world naturally unite!)

Never mind that Poland had fought the Nazis courageously the Nazis, at a time when the USA was militarily and diplomatically collaborating… with the Nazis (or maybe, precisely, the Poles had to be punished!) Roosevelt had to be strict: the French had successfully escaped from the military occupation (AMGOT) he had set-up for them.

The movie “Bitter Lake” exposes (some) of the American plutocracy led conspiracies which led to the devastation, among other things, of Afghanistan, and other constituencies, thanks to the Wahhabist Islam it unleashed on the world.

Readers of this site will be familiar with the general ambiance.

One caveat: all what is in the documentary and makes American plutocrats (Roosevelt) and their servants (Reagan) look bad, is correct. However the real situation, the real badness is way worse. (For example the secret, official USA intervention in Afghanistan was under Carter, on July 3, 1979. However the real even more secret intervention, through the Pakistani ISI was even earlier and even more vicious.

So what is my response?

It is this:

In 1887, Oscar Wilde said, referring to the differences between the British and the Americans: “We have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, language.

By way of example there is a saying back in my old country that when something is “… going to the dogs”, it means an irreversible decline in standards; the phrase usually aimed at an organisation or even a country.

Many, especially those of my age, might nod sagely and reflect that something ‘is going to the dogs‘ in terms of the wider Western world.

Let me be specific. There are destructive and dysfunctional issues in modern societies that I would list as: Selfishness; Power & Corruption; Short-termism; Materialism; Population growth; Greed, inequality and poverty. It’s not an exhaustive list!

Now many would argue the ‘whys’ and ‘wherefores’ about what precisely is wrong with Western societies in this 21st century but far fewer would argue with the underlying premise; that something is fundamentally wrong with today’s world.

Indeed, one of the things that is impossible to miss is the body language, the look on a face, the shrug of a shoulder, when one casually remarks that these are interesting times! From strangers and friends alike.

There is no question that what mankind has ‘enjoyed’ these last fifty years or so cannot be continued for very much longer. That the era since the 1960s of growth, materialism and consumption is running one very basic and fundamental resource dry. You know the one I am referring to: Planet Earth.

My hope is that the widely-felt feelings that something is fundamentally wrong with today, are the feelings man has always experienced, since time immemorial, when mankind has passed through the threshold between two eras.

My hope is that the new era, one that we quite possibly may now just be entering, a new era of sustainable living on this planet, of social and political changes to replace extreme levels of inequality, of stronger communities of like-minded persons, will be obvious to all, but especially obvious to our next generation, within the next ten years; possibly fewer than ten years.

One thing is for sure. The sharing of ideas and feelings as is the style of modern blogging is critical to the forming of the opinions that precede the changes that so many now see as unstoppable.

12 thoughts on “Bitter Lake ripples.

  1. Well said Paul, although I struggle to share the apparent sanguinity of your penultimate paragraph. There is a lot of waking up that needs to happen – the spreading of political awareness – and right now, most of us are either entranced whilst trying to replicate the economic past, or too distracted to notice what’s going on.

  2. Excellent Paul, and while I have been absent for several of your posts I am fully aware of the film you speak of.. And the illusion we are all held in within our world..
    I agree with Hariod there is still a lot of waking up to do in the world.. and you are right in saying that the blogging platform is helping many to awaken faster as information and opinions are passed around.

    Change is happening a large scale… Some are burying their heads in the sand hoping its all going to go away… Often when we are going through these ‘Era’s’ Paul. we are so closely involved within them that unless you step out of your comfort zone you can no always see the wood for the trees..
    Change is happening right now right under our very noses.. Especially on the Monetary front.. You have only to see the injection of the Trillions poured into the EU to keep it floating.. And I am a mere lay person- observing and even I know when you keep on adding the Zero’s to printed money it will add up to Zero value in the end..

    What always baffles me is why our so called educated elite of politicians can not see But then again maybe they do.. but then we have to ask ourselves again who is running the real Show!… The Greatest Illusion of the them all.??

    And the next series of questions is.. Who funds the politicians who are elected.. Whose pockets are being lined.. and then look to those Big corporations behind the scenes Who pull the strings of the puppets who are their mouth pieces..

    Sadly…The lessons I ‘Know’ deep within my being will be harsh ones… I just hope Paul that from out of the Ashes the Phoenix can arise and we move in a more unified direction, whereby communities unite and pull together to build stronger bridges towards Self sufficiency and cleaner energy and sustainable living in all areas of our lives.. That do not divide us into the haves or have nots.. And addresses the real issues of poverty and environment..

    We both have very young grandchildren Paul… I pray often for their futures

    Blessings Sue x

  3. Hariod and Sue, thank you both for your replies. Thank you very much. My closing paragraph came to me simply because I see the incredible ways in which ideas and opinions can spread through blogging and other forms of social media. You both, and others who come to this place, are fabulous examples of the connections we are all making.

    These are unsettling times but never forget that the night is always darkest before the dawn.

  4. People are very far from giving enough effort to understand what is going on. They have no excuse: they can read my site. I am serious (far above just self-promoting). If we don’t understand what is going on, we are going to be crushed by tanks before we know it, propelled by the same alliance of evil as in 1914, and 1930s.

    As I mentioned in the meantime, Putin is actually allied with Western banksters, who launder money for him and his plutocratic entourage. Then they influence Western media.

    The fact that, thanks to Krugman and al. Quantitative Easing (=giving money to bankers) is viewed as a left wing policy, speaks volumes.

    Got to run, more perhaps later.

      1. Yes, indeed. If I may jump the gun. The question is: is it innocuous to do whatever with our brains? Or is brain management itself the core moral question?

      1. Yes, the “Bitter Lake” plot I wrote about several times, over the years (this and the closely related Yalta conspiracy). However the just produced movie I heard of thanks to Paul. If they had consulted with me, and fill in crucial details, it would have been so bad, nobody would have been able to listen to it without evoking blatant “anti-Americanism”.

        Thus the question: if reality is “anti-American”, are our Great Leaders “anti-American”?

        Think of North Korea: for us, Kim is clearly anti-Korean. Yet, as seen from inside, inside North Korea, the concept sounds ridiculous. Is it?

        Anyway Sue, thanks for your appreciation and thus support!

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