Seeds of thought.

Two very different perspectives.


I’m writing this post a short while after midnight (UTC) on the morning of Tuesday, 23rd September.  In other words, 00:00 UTC 23/9/2014. (I hasten to add that the local time in Oregon is late afternoon Monday!)

In approximately three hours time it will be the moment of the September Equinox, or 02:29 UTC on the 23rd to be precise. The planet Earth has been in orbit around the sun for a very long time!  It’s almost beyond comprehension how long the Solar System has been the way it is.

All of which constitutes my introduction to a recent beautiful post over at Sue Dreamwalker.  Kindly republished with her gracious permission.


Planting a Seed … A Thought!

William Blake, said:

that everything that now exists was once imagined,

Wayne Dyer said:

So, if you want something to exist, you must first be able to imagine it.

Each of us have a chance of planting new seeds.. Yet we so often never have the courage to pick them out of our minds to plant them with intention into our reality… Those alexander-graham-bell_thumbwho do have the courage may see how from their tentative thoughts ideas grew beyond their wildest dreams… I bet Alexander Graham Bell never in his wildest dreams would have thought how his invention would now be in everyone’s pocket!.

But we need to have the courage to take those first steps and plant them..

Like all seeds they take time to germinate, so too with our ideas we often wonder why our wishes are not fulfilled.. All too often we sabotage them before they even begin to grow roots. How?, because we doubt our own capabilities and we say we are far from worthy of success. Telling ourselves we are never lucky.. and its bound to fail.. So we poison the very idea, so the seed withers even before it gets a chance to grow..

Our subconscious mind is an incredible tool, it possess the power to manifest from our thoughts to bring them into our physical reality. You only have to take a look around the room you are now in, and see that every thing in it was once someone’s thought, even the paint upon the walls… An idea born, brought into reality from that first seed of an idea..

I have just finished a book the second time in reading it, I think this time its message really hit home. As I see how I have sabotaged many such seeds in the past. The Book is called Wishes Fulfilled By Wayne Dyer, listen to his talk HERE upon the subject of Wishes Fulfilled.

‘Thoughts become things when you Feel them’ says Wayne Dyer, In the past I have often experienced frustration, Anger, worry, stress. These I have amplified with my ‘Feelings’ as the frustration of helplessness, or horror at how brutal we can be to one another have overshadowed my thoughts..

We need to reprogrammed ourselves to think differently about ourselves and the World..


Seeds are sown, every day within our minds.. What sort of seeds are you sowing within your own mind? Which type of thoughts are you cultivating?


My last simple post World Peace! Just Imagine got reblogged 6 times!. I got more traffic today than for a long while.. People Do want Peace, and yet how many of us are being manipulated into getting caught up in Conflict? We are part of it every time we read a Newspaper, every time we watch the Media News, Every time we join in Gossip, every time we Judge another. Every time we argue, even with ourselves, We are creating yet more Conflict , more Negative Energy in the World.

Our very thoughts Create…


Let us Create the Future we each wish to Live in..

Have a Brilliant Thought Provoking and Harmonious Week!




So wherever you are in the world, take a moment to look up into the sky and marvel at it all.  As one of Sue’s followers remarked, “ ….. Equinox is an excellent time to focus on the seed ideas for the future.

Finally, the link that Sue included in the sentence, “The Book is called Wishes Fulfilled By Wayne Dyer, listen to his talk HERE upon the subject of Wishes Fulfilled.” took you to a YouTube video.  It is below because I know many will want to listen to Wayne Dyer’s important words.


From seeds grow great futures.

8 thoughts on “Seeds of thought.

  1. Paul first thank you so much for reposting.. And yes the Equinox is a special time for replanting some fresh ideas.. 🙂 ..

    Second.. I thought I had not seen your updates for a couple of days as they usually come into my email box around the same time each day.. So imagine my surprise to see that WP had unfollowed me from your blog..
    I know others too are experiencing Gremlins and this is not just happened to one but to several of those whom they are following… So when you see the update of me following you. You will know why..

    Loved how you merged the two together by the way. 🙂 Right.. now back to update my own comments..

    Have a beautiful week..
    Sue 🙂


    1. Sue, thanks for the’heads up’ regarding WordPress. As it happens, I did notice that the number of followers had jumped strangely this morning.

      A real pleasure to republish your post; always love your writings. Fondest wishes. P.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. How does one build character? From conflict. What is a debate? A sort of conflict. Even with oneself.
    “Com-fligere”: to strike together.

    It’s nice to be a sheep. It’s harder to be a wolf. We are not sheep. Some of us just dream they are. Hard to see how this helps

    Thank Belzebuth, Obama has understood this. More of all this, in a future essay of mine, hopefully. Just if I find enough time to beat it, and me, into shape.


      1. “Flaws”, “common misunderstandings”? So my thoughts are common and flawed. I appreciate. As always. However, you see, I reason. I offer causality.
        Telling me my opinions are flaws does not point out why.

        Sue quotes a guru, Dyer, no doubt very rich from his astronomical platitudes. “Conflict cannot survive without your participation?” The 130,000 Kurds who fled into Turkey in the last 2 days would appreciate, I am sure.

        Indeed, Dyer is right: if the Kurds all died, the conflict would be over. Their very existence allows a conflict to survive.

        I am no guru, and I don’t earn a dime from my causality chains. But then I don’t stroke the commons.


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