Picture parade fifty-six

Some people just keep going.

In last week’s picture parade, I featured my mother swimming up at Secesh Reservoir near Wolf Creek.  There were many lovely comments and it made my mother’s day to read all your kind words.  I also mentioned that my mother was determined to take a swim in our nearby Rogue River and that it would be featured in today’s picture parade.

So here are those pictures.

The Rogue River at Matson Country Park.
The Rogue River at Matson County Park.

Matson Park is not far from Grants Pass here in Oregon and has the great advantage of offering a beach, albeit a stony beach, that makes entry into the water easier.

Gingerly wading in.
Gingerly wading in.

Jean had to lend my mother her shoes as the river bed was pretty stony.

Right out in mid-river!
Right out in mid-river!

Luckily the lack of recent rains meant that the river was flowing much more gently than would be usual.

Just keeping abreast of the current.
Just keeping abreast of the current.

Yet even with the low volume of water flowing by, the current was a good three to four miles-per-hour and Mum was only able to stay local to us by vigorously swimming upstream.

Another swimming 'tick in the box'.
Another swimming ‘tick in the box’.

Very soon it made sense to return to the beach. What a remarkable lady she is!

Last morning together.

Soon the day came round for Mum to return to London.  This picture was taken just before we left for Medford Airport.

Little piece of nostalgia.
Little piece of nostalgia.

Finally, to close today’s post, here’s a photograph of Mum’s Great Uncle.  Believed to have been taken around 1930, Uncle Foreman was the baker in the small village of West Malling in Kent, South-East England.

4 thoughts on “Picture parade fifty-six

  1. Love these photo’s Paul, and yes what a dear and remarkable lady Elizabeth is.. True Grit.. and a Strong Woman… One I suspect is also strong willed.. never to let anything beat her… What I call I pioneering Spirit!… Well done Elizabeth… you are far far braver than I… I have swam in the sea.. when I was in my 40’s.. The Holiday swimming Pool is the best I manage these days.. I should take up swimming again at my local baths.. After all we did get an Olympic Gold from Rebecca and a New Pool built in her name.. 🙂

    Great share Paul.. I hope your Mum got home safe and sound and enjoyed a stress free journey homeward..
    Blessings Sue


    1. Yes, spoke to Mum earlier today and, thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Bertha, London weather is blustery, wet and cold. But she is well towards being settled back. Mum will get to see your comment tomorrow. Thanks Sue.


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