The story of Zeus!

What a wonderful tale!

First, let me will quote from the text that comes with the YouTube video.

This is the remarkable story of Zeus, who was effectively paralyzed at the time he was rescued from a high-kill animal shelter in Oklahoma by the wonderful people at St. Francis CARE in Murphysboro, Illinois.

Video edited and produced by Jason Greene

Next, this unmissable video confirms what so many now already: Dogs are stars in their own world.

There you go! A short, little post for today but one that highlights the power of dogs! They are incredible!

16 thoughts on “The story of Zeus!

      1. I don’t think they do. We didn’t even know it was a shelter until long after they got set up. There is a logic behind this. We know another cat shelter not far from us, and the woman who runs it pleads with people not to make it known outside our small group because people will just drop unwanted animals off at her doorstep. Remember Sandra at Maxmello? She has animals dumped at her gate daily.

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      2. Here it’s especially bad. Hell, we’ve had animals thrust upon us by well-meaning but hopelessly ignorant people who think “Hey, they love animals, they’ll be thrilled to take this cat I don’t want anymore…”

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      1. 🙂 Energy is all around each and every one of us… And thoughts get to destinations… May we all of us realise this, and send only love vibrations Kind thoughts and try to do good deeds. …. For Energy always comes back to its source of creation…. 🙂 Good or bad..
        Have a great weekend both of you .. ❤

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