Picture Parade Four Hundred and Forty-Four

A complete change of photos but I guarantee you will love these!

My son, Alex, and his partner, Lisa, recently returned from a vacation on the Isle of Mull. This is a Scottish island lying off the west coast of the mainland. (Home for Alex and Lisa is just outside Bristol in the south-west of England.) Between them they took many photographs.

For the next two Sundays I want to share the photos that Alex took of the otters, eight today and seven next Sunday.

Here is the introduction that Alex wrote on Facebook.

Was very lucky to spot this Otter Family whilst on a guiding trip with Brian Boyes and Lisa Williams on the Isle of Mull, the Mum fed the young pups three fish, we watched from the road and then later using Brian’s advice, quietly settled into the rocks and watched the Mum come right past us, a fantastic encounter and these are only a few of the photos I got.








These are absolutely gorgeous and that’s an understatement!

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