Recent visits to YouTube

First, Ricky Gervais, then Ella Henderson singing her latest release.

There are many videos on YouTube that are worth watching.

These two are well-worth sharing with you.

The first is Ricky Gervais, a well-known atheist, as are we, presenting an eleven-minute debate on religion.

Though it must be said that my old country has God Save The Queen and my new country has In God We Trust and I cannot see those changing in what is left of my lifetime!

The second is a fabulous rendition of Brave by Ella Henderson. Ella is a British singer and this performance is when she was invited to the UK TV programme The Graham Norton Show earlier on in the New Year.

See you all on Thursday!

23 thoughts on “Recent visits to YouTube

  1. Am glad to say that the Australian national anthem ( Advance Australia Fair) is one of very few that doesn’t mention God. And two of our Prime Ministers were declared atheists, which definitely wouldn’t happen in the US !

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    1. Marge, and others, we awoke early this morning to find a very ill Sweeney. Jean had noticed a bald, raised patch on his right foreleg, yesterday evening. Sweeney had lost interest in the world around him, he had a loose bowel, and he wouldn’t walk. So we decided to go to our local Lincoln Road vet in Grants Pass at 7:30 am. We knew they were fully booked for appointments until early March but we thought turning up in person would make a difference. It did and we are to return at the same time tomorrow and leave him all day. Dr Codd will find time during the day to examine Sweeney. Then it was back home and an hour later out to US Bank for an appointment. Finally, we got home at around noon and had lunch. Finally, I poked my nose into the blog!

      Well done, Australia, on your national anthem and more. Thank you, Margaret!

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    1. Thanks for the recommendation, John. I have it all queued up and leady to go. (Had to restart my membership again… I subscribe and cancel at the same time as I don’t watch Netflix enough to warrant paying every month.)

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    2. Kind of a delayed response here, John, sorry about that. My mum died the day after my last response to you; things have been a bit strange here since. But this evening I watched the first season of ‘After Life’. Bit dark, that. Some funny spots. Not sure I’m that keen on it, mainly because too much of it strikes a bit too close to home. But thanks for the recommendation, anyway.

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      1. I can’t say it was ‘expected’ except inasmuch as nobody lives forever. Mum suffered with numerous difficulties for many years, and her quality of life was not great. Had I been in her shoes, I would have wanted a release a long time ago. Although humans will put pets out of their misery ‘humanely’ [sic], here in the UK at least, our society’s bizarre rules refuses us the same courtesy.

        Sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant. Thanks for your condolences, John.

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      2. I truly believe it’s a moral necessity to permit someone to have a dignified, painless death. Why this is even debated I have no idea. As you said, we help our animals, so why not our brothers and sisters?

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      3. Nearly all Australian States now allow voluntary euthanasia in restricted circumstances – within 6 months of expected death as certified by doctors (or within 12 months of expected death from neuro degenerative conditions). But it still relies on the judgment and support of doctors and doesn’t help people who may be suffering from unresolved chronic pain issues, things like stroke and paraplegia, blindness and sheer weariness from advanced old age.
        I wish we had the policy as operating in Belgium, which is much broader and can also basically allow anyone over the age of 70, of sound mind, to access Nembutal/phenobarbital. Even those suffering from dementia are not denied – providing they’ve made and reiterated an advance directive when mentally sound.
        I believe Nembutal is not too difficult to obtain in Mexico John, at veterinary stores? I’d love to obtain some for possible future use, as it has a very long shelf life, up to 15-20 years according to Exit International, to which I belong. At least I’ve got the second most reliable option – a nitrogen tank as a back up. Of course I may never need to use these things but it gives great peace of mind to have a sense of some control over the end. Who knows, given worldwide manufacturing and production problems and supply line and energy constraints, there might come a time when the medical system can’t supply sufficient pain relieving and palliative care medicines??
        Most people are compassionate in this way when it comes to our beloved dogs and other pets but avoid seriously thinking about this issue in relation to themselves or making any preparations. But I think it’s important as one ages. Not dwell on or be morbid about. Just have something stored as backup and then live one’s life as happily as the time allows.


      4. Margaret, I know your reply was to John but I just wanted to chirp up and say, yes, at the age of 77 and very fit for my age, I also spend many moments thinking about the end. I do not want to live without Jeannie and I want to say when is enough (for me). Exit International sounds like a good organisation; I must look into it. I am also writing a memoir, A Sense of Rhythm, that records what I have done. Primarily for my own desire to write it down not for any publication motivation. It sounds as though much of Australia has a very similar scheme to Oregon.


      5. Just to add from me that in so many parts of the world the attitude to humans being terminally ill is shameful. Luckily, and unexpected by us, in Oregon there is right to die, clearly subject to many caveats.

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      6. D’oh. Paul, you really need to stop apologising for ‘tardiness’! … in any case, you already offered me your condolences, several weeks ago, via email. (I’m beginning to get a tad concerned about you, you know! 😜)


  2. Thanks for the pointer to that piece by Ricky Gervais, Paul. Some great quotes in there, I’m going to have to commit some of those to heart, I think.


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