Donate to fund dogs in the Serengeti

This plea came in from Mr. Pedantry!

This came in yesterday and I thought for some time that I wouldn’t be able to publish it quickly owing to me getting my knickers in a twist.

But all was resolved and therefore I am delighted to republish it.


Donate to fund the dogs saving elephants

Ever heard of dogs saving elephants?

In the Serengeti, a small, specially trained team of rescue dogs sniff out poachers and sound the alarm. Just 4 dogs have helped arrest hundreds of poachers, saving countless elephants being murdered for their ivory.

Almost a quarter of the elephants in the park now live in the tiny area they protect — but poaching is on the rise everywhere else and there are thousands more elephants that still need protection.

That’s why the team behind this amazing project are asking for your help to train up more of these sniffer dogs — and save double the number of elephants.

With 96 of these gentle giants killed each day, every moment counts.

Can you chip in to help?


Whatever you can spare please contribute to the donation request.

The page to go to is here!

Here is a YouTube video to watch.

7 thoughts on “Donate to fund dogs in the Serengeti

  1. I’ve chipped in 🙂

    I’m not quite sure how I feel about the somewhat tangentially relevant video you’ve offered. Yes, this vaccination program is clearly a more humane solution than culling, but it seems to me that it prolongs the agony. Reducing the elephant population in this manner lowers conflict with humans, but humans aren’t likely to stop encroaching into the elephants’ domain — which means that their numbers will have to be reduced still further in the future. And that can have only one end result.

    I think the better solution would be to set aside more wilderness for the marvellous creatures with whom we ‘share’ (*cough*) this planet.

    Or, perhaps we should consider applying this vaccine to humans, too….


    1. I included the video more to make the post more interesting but in the end I don’t know. The crime is as terrible as it gets and one hopes that many more dogs will be trained and that will put a stop to things.

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