This is just beautiful

Just a short post!

One can’t imagine what it was like for this poor dog that was placed in a garbage can. But then along comes a perfect Princess and rescues the poor animal.

And so the dog found in the trash learns how to walk again with the help of her foster family — now she runs on the beach!

Dear, sweet Billie and what a terrific job this lady did. From a family of dogs, of course!

13 thoughts on “This is just beautiful

      1. Tell me about it. We presently* have 5 who sleep with us… as well as this little thing (who’s not that little anymore) who thinks she should also be in the bed at night… despite the cats only rule.

        (*number varies depending on weather… could be as high as 7)


  1. Love. All we need is love (yes I know there is a song in there somewhere). Respect for a sentient creature. If “you” cannot look after us, take us to the best rescue or rehome facility, dont just leave us to suffer.


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