More of Jeannie’s paintings

This time Lexi and Brandy

There is no question that Jean has a real knack of capturing the essence of a dog. I continue to be delighted at the quality of her paintings.

Here is one of Lexi that was also featured in a recent Picture Parade. Lexi is Dan’s dog.

And the next is Brandy, one of our own dogs but the biggest of the pack. Brandy is a cross between a Great Pyrenean and a Mastiff.

They are gorgeous!

18 thoughts on “More of Jeannie’s paintings

  1. They are lovely Paul – the subject matter helps of course! You can tell Jeannie that I’d rather have her paintings on my wall than anything by Picasso, Dali, Pollock, Munch etc (Aesthetically at least – if I had any originals by those artists, they be quickly sold and the money put into dog rescue ! ) 😄


    1. Thank you, Monika. I will pass on your feelings in the next few minutes. I think Jean was surprised herself that she still had the skills and the talent to paint without her Parkinson’s tremor getting in the way. I agree with you completely!

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