A few of Jean’s paintings

That came via the sale of Jean’s bike.

Yesterday we drove down to Phoenix, Oregon to deliver the Sun Tricycle to the new owners. Daniel and Cherie were a delightful couple, albeit more my age than younger. But they had been through one heck of a disaster. Because last year they were both asked to flee the fires with very little notice and only recently had they found a new home and were still settling in.

Daniel rides his trike and wanted to get one for Cherie. We were delighted with the sale and we hope we all will see each other in the near future.

Anyway, Daniel is quite an artist and Jean mentioned she used to paint before the Parkinson’s tremor made it much more difficult. But Daniel insisted on photographs being taken of a few of Jean’s paintings and sent to them via email.

Here they are.


Ben fishing
Ben fishing

Just thought they made a nice change!

27 thoughts on “A few of Jean’s paintings

  1. Jean’s paintings are so beautiful. All of them! I’m really glad you posted them here. [Thank you, Daniel!]
    Her love for doggies is so evident. Sammy, Victor and Pharaoh have “I love you” imprinted in each brush stroke.

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    1. Oh, that’s an incredible way of putting it. “I love you imprinted in each brush stroke.” Jean hasn’t seen your comment yet but will do in a few minutes. Thank you, Marina, very much!


  2. Hi Paul (et al),
    As promised, I have “dropped in” (for the first time in over six years)! I love Jean’s paintings but I am sorry to read about Pharoah (on your Home page)… 14 years is a tremendously good age for a dog though! I have news on my September travel plans… I have abandoned CA and SF and, instead, will return to Seattle via ID, WY and MT. We will therefore need to visit some giant redwood trees before I leave OR.
    Very best wishes to all that remember me, Martin.
    P.S. For those that di not know, I was forced to anonymize my ‘Lack of Environment’ blog in 2016 (or lose my job). The trauma robbed me of most of my motivation but the blog lives on in static form as http://anthropocenereality.wordpress.com
    You will also find find me on Twitter @anthroporeality


  3. I’m OK thanks! 😉 However, my one-way 900-mile drive from Seattle to San Francisco has now become a 3400-mile odyssey around the Pacific NW… However, this includes visiting Jay Toops (of ‘Bioroot Energy’ fame) in the Bitterroot Valley of MT and (upon your own recommendation) the wineries of Walla Walla in WA.


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