Picture Parade Three Hundred and Eighty-Three

More from NimbusHopper

I having real trouble in uploading photographs to the blog. Even photographs where I have the permission of the copyright holder to republish

So rather than have a blank day I am republishing an earlier post.


More incredibly beautiful photographs of dogs.

Once more from Nimbushopper.







I’m struggling to find something new to say about these gorgeous dog photographs so will just leave it at priceless!

9 thoughts on “Picture Parade Three Hundred and Eighty-Three

  1. That new Block editor is a total cluster. I managed to retain the Classic version but once they completely ditch it my days of blogging may well be over-the Block editor is far too cumbersome and time consuming. Good luck!


      1. I had it bookmarked but I think if you go to Settings, find Advanced Writing (I think it’s the last option there) you’ll see the setting for Block or Classic editor option. After WP changed the appearance, you may need to poke around, but that seems where I found it apart from my bookmark. 🤞🏼 Good luck.


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