Another country but still the familiar dog

A dog nicks a large bone

This is a delightful story about a dog in the country of Columbia. It just goes to show that dogs are, in the main, universally admired and loved. The story was originally published on The Dodo.


Clever Dog Sneaks Into Pet Store And Makes Off With A Giant Bone

The cutest little criminal 🐶

By Stephen Messenger

Published on 19th March, 2021

This is Agroveterinaria Los Paisas, a pet store and animal clinic in the town of Andalucia, Colombia.

It’s also the scene of a rather adorable crime.


The other day, Victoria Andrea Viviana was working in the shop, helping customers, when a certain someone evidently saw her distraction as a golden opportunity.

It was a dog. A dog with a plan.

While no one was looking, the dog quietly snuck into the store and slipped behind the counter. Then the object of his little mission became clear. He’d come to slyly steal a giant bone — but his getaway didn’t go unnoticed.

Here’s that scene on video:

“I was surprised by the cunning with which the dog took the bone,” Viviana told The Dodo. “One of our clients wanted to stop him, but he was very agile.”

The store had been robbed. But the culprit behind the crime was soon found out.

It was the dog’s own mom who turned him in.


“[The woman who owns the dog] came in to pay for the bone he stole, but we obviously didn’t take her money,” Vivian said. “It is something that happened unexpectedly, and the dog was able to amuse many people who watched the video.”

In the end, there were no hard feelings.

“The dog will always be welcome here,” Vivian said, “as well as any other animal who wants to visit.”


Not much more to say except that our dogs everywhere are extraordinary in their similarity.

In fact, I am composing a post about the evolution of dogs and humans to show how far back we all go. I am not sure when it will see the light of day!

12 thoughts on “Another country but still the familiar dog

      1. Good good, although our Boris (a shepherd) is starting to have severe mobility problems. Back legs are giving out. This happened to Pharaoh, right? And tips?


      2. John, I am sorry for the delay in answering. The one advice we can give is to get Boris a Shepherd puppy. The resultant bonding, in Pharaoh’s case, gave Pharaoh a focus beyond his own weakening self. It partially worked and Cleo, as the female GSD was named, is a beautiful dog. But it didn’t really work because at that time we still had 14 dogs. If you have only Boris, or one or two other dogs, then my guess is that it would be much more effective. Jeannie adds that CBD oil helps (is it legal down there) plus getting a sling for Boris. We still have Pharaoh’s sling; we could mail it to you. Email us a mailing address.

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      3. CBD oil would be great, but I’ll have to ask around to see if anyone supplies it.

        How does the sling work? Boris can still walk, and I take him out for exercise every day, to stretch his legs. He’s clearly having hip problems, and his right leg doesn’t move the way it’s supposed to.


      4. Might keep you to that, Paul. Thanks. Right now, he’s managing to get up and down. Bit wobbly, a fall or two, but the more he moves (unassisted) I think the better.


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