Is it any wonder we love dogs!

A brilliant yet very touching post to be shared.

This story came out on Mother Nature Network quite recently.

I really cannot add any words at the present time. The article says it all!


Removed because of an alleged copyright infringement.


This is a very ’rounded’ story about Tricycle, one that shows that love in the dog community is never very far away. Actually, I would go on to say that we adults who also love our dogs, probably putting them above our own needs, offer something very special.

9 thoughts on “Is it any wonder we love dogs!

  1. The ability to love unconditionally is what makes animals so special. Dogs respect who you are & don’t ask you to change.


  2. Beautiful.

    A neighbour across the street had a shepherd-cross, Preta. Her owners were not especially great, so we always tried to spend time with her and give her treats (secretly). She was lovely, but she died very suddenly about 5 years ago. Just that morning she was running around as she did. Then the neighbour called us because Preta seemed to be in pain. We sat with her, but it was Sunday so we couldn’t suggest they take her to the vet. An hour or two later the neighbour came over again. Preta was dead. What happened next amazed me. A neighbourhood dog, who we called Hop-along because he was crippled in the back leg, came up for a visit as he usually did. He liked Preta, and when he was out (he was out a lot) he would visit. He knew something had happened. He knew she’d passed. And so for the next three weeks he sat outside the neighbours house keeping a quiet vigil. Three weeks. He did not move for three weeks. It was so sad, but also so lovely.


    1. John, your account of Hopalong is almost a duplication of Tricycle’s event. Fascinating! Clearly dogs have a very keen sense of loss of their fellow dogs, probably a sense of smell which we know are very much superior to our own sense of smell. Fascinating!

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  3. Having suffered the loss of a beloved pet a couple of months ago, I can wholeheartedly confirm the other dogs are mourning his loss as much as I have-they just don’t weep but definitely seem to recognize he’s gone. 😢


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