Picture Parade Three Hundred and Twenty-One

Devoted exclusively to the work of Sue Dreamwalker

Sue earlier on in the week brought my attention to this page on her blog: Pastel Drawings. Sue said that I could republish them. I am flattered. In fact, there are sixteen of these beautiful drawings and I intend to publish eight of them today and the remaining eight in Picture Parade Three Hundred and Twenty-Two.








They are so beautiful.

Thank you, Sue, for giving me permission to republish them. Needless to say full copyright is vested in Sue Morton and them being republished in this place does not give authority for them to be republished elsewhere.

11 thoughts on “Picture Parade Three Hundred and Twenty-One

      1. Thanks Paul and no… I did paint some pictures on some tins once upon a time.. And had a stall for a couple of times at our local Church… I brought more home though than I sold.. So they are now scattered around the garden etc.. or given away.. You can find some of them here on my Hobby page.. https://suedreamwalker.wordpress.com/art-I have herbs in some and plants in others and walking sticks and umbrellas in others in the hall.. 🙂


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