This man loves his dog a lot!

An item in The Dodo just had to be shared with you.

This is devotion with a capital ‘D’.

Straight into the article that, as I said, came from a recent Dodo newsletter.


Man Makes A Cozy Wagon So His Paralyzed Dog Can Still Take Walks

He said that she would do the same for him ❤

Published On 01/07/2020

Photo Credit: Facebook/Bryan Thompson

Last month, on a chilly winter day in Nova Scotia, Canada, Bryan Thompson had a chance encounter he won’t soon forget.

While walking through a local park, Thompson saw this: a stranger making his way through the snow, pulling a cart containing the most precious cargo.

Inside, bundled up against the cold, was a cozy white pup.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Bryan Thompson

Speaking to the stranger, Thompson came to learn that the dog has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a spinal cord disorder which can lead to paralysis in dogs. Because of that, she’s unable to get around on her own — but that hasn’t stopped the pair from still taking walks.

The dedicated dog owner crafted the cart to ensure it never does.

In a post online, Thompson described his reaction to that scene.

“I told him he was a great person for doing that, because I know there are many who wouldn’t. He just said that she would do the same for him,” Thompson wrote. “It’s hard to type this without tearing up.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Bryan Thompson

Afterward, the stranger and his happy dog continued on their way — slipping out of sight, but not out of mind.

Thompson’s account of that touching encounter has since gone viral, inspiring countless others with an example of true love at its finest.


This stranger, who is not named, is just a miraculous person. Plus a caring and loving man. It’s no surprise that the encounter, as described above, has gone viral.

This is, after all, what matters!

24 thoughts on “This man loves his dog a lot!

  1. Beautiful story Paul. It shows clearly the man loves his dog. He is right, the dog would do anything to help him, if he was the one in problems. Our dogs are our kids with 4 legs.


  2. What a wonderful caring man. If only more people were like him ….well, our world wouldn’t have a fraction of the problems that it does.


    1. Why do you write, “even I and my family”. No question that this is normal behaviours for you all, and for millions of other dog-loving people who put their dogs first. Give Amber a cuddle from Jeannie and me!


  3. I love this. I remember when my German Shepherd, Yuri, got old and started to lose the ability to use his hind legs, we bought a halter where we could hold up his back end. He was able to enjoy his (short) walks until the very end. We would do anything for our dogs. 🙂


  4. Most dog owners are good people. Some exceptional. Loved reading this story. I’ve been reading Chicken Soup for the Soul about dogs. I love reading those stories of exceptional dogs and their people. Thanks for sharing this one.


  5. Such caring… In Chiang Mai, Thailand (where I currently am visiting), there is an Elephant Sanctuary (The Elephant Nature Park) that also rescues other animals. It has many dogs, including those that have lost the use of their limbs. Twice a day, volunteers strap wheelchairs to the dogs and take them on long runs… The dogs look so happy as they scoot along.
    This video from the Elephant Nature Park (Elephant News YouTube Channel) will bring tears… So heartwarming.


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