Those eyes!

Now to the wolf’s eyes!

I have written quite a few times about the eyes of dogs but never the wolf.

This was sent to me by Julie Thomas-Smith, the wife of my best friend, Richard Maugham, and it is just beautiful.

It comes from the Wolf Conservation Center and when one goes across to that website then one reads:

A wolf’s eyes have the power to speak a great language. Did you know that wolves possess certain ocular characteristics that allow them to communicate with other members of their species using their eyes alone? One can guess that this gives a new meaning to the common phrase “puppy-dog eyes!”

Enjoy your weekend.

11 thoughts on “Those eyes!

  1. That isn’t surprising considering most dogs do this exceptionally well. Some are even more expressive than others. Great share!


  2. They look right into your soul… Wolves one of my favourite’s and I love to draw and paint them..
    Have a wonderful New Year Paul and enjoy your weekend..
    take care..


    1. Dear Sue, any of your paintings or drawings to show? Any chance of me showing your work in this place? Either way, this vision of a wolf is spellbinding! All the best to you, Paul

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      1. My site is full of paintings on the side panel you will little circles if you click on them they should take you to the larger picture.. But I found a post way back in 2011 I did with a wolf the link is here.
        And you can see more pastel drawings under Art and Hobbies on my main page.. One Sub-page is here… The post of the wolf is short so may be of interest.. and you have my permission of course Paul..


  3. Wow for a beautiful wolf, Paul. It looks so relaxed, just curious.
    Many dogs are able to talk with their eyes, just as some humans too. It is more about, how many are able to read their talk. The German Shepherd is in this way very close to the wolf.


    1. Irene, apologies for the delay in replying.

      Yes, that’s one very special aspect of canines, their eye-talk as I will put it. Pharaoh, my German Shepherd, was so good in that area. He is now dead, of old age, but Cleo, another GSD that we have, and Oliver and Brandy are brilliant with their eye-talk. So much to communicate in unspoken thoughts.

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  4. I absolutely LOVE wolfs and just looking into their eyes mesmerizes me. I wish that one day there would be a total ban on hunting for any of the wolf species.


    1. Oh yes, oh yes, and once more, oh yes! (I’m responding to your wish that there be a total ban on wolf hunting.)

      Anyway, welcome to this place and we do hope to see you again!


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