Summer here in Merlin

Another hot, dry summer; another fire season!

The fires in Oregon have been making the news but here in Merlin the skies have been clear and there has been no hint of the nearby forest fires.

But yesterday, we awoke to see smoke in the morning sky.

Followed a little later by smoke being seen on the flanks of Mount Sexton.

The summit of Mt. Sexton is 5 miles line-of-sight to our North-East.

It quickly became more smoky.

Culminating in the fire hazard status being raised to Extreme.

See you tomorrow, folks!

Jeannie and I pass on our grateful thanks to all the hard work being done by so many in quite challenging conditions.

17 thoughts on “Summer here in Merlin

  1. Stay safe! I heard about this from someone that lives in Ruch. The smoke causes a brilliant sunset like the dust in the painted desert but seems hazardous. The pics are beautiful.


    1. Yes, the smoke particles in the air have indeed been producing some spectacular sights. Must try and grab a photo of the dowser helicopters flying overhead later today. Thank you, Susan!

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    1. Colette, you put your finger on the key factor: wind direction, and to a lesser extent, wind speed. Touch wood, the wind is staying in the quadrant Northwest around to the Northeast. Long may it remain! 😍


    1. Having to take it a day at a time just now, Sue. Just so long as the wind stays in the North. Then again, we have just returned from collecting hay from our local, friendly, Red Barn, and the owner, Tyler, was chatting to some customers as we arrived one of whom had just had his barn burnt down in the local Pickett Creek fire.

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      1. Oh dear, I will keep you in my thoughts Paul, Even here on the Moors near Manchester the Moors caught fire and burned for days. Look up BBC and Saddleworth Moor Fire: Home evacuated as fire continues to rage.

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      2. Yes, we had read about that Saddleworth fire. Never thought I would be asking for the Summer to move on! But can’t wait for the Autumn rains and guess neither can you!

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    1. Yes, I read about that! Plus, was speaking with my brother-in-law, John J., a little earlier on and he spoke of Yorkshire practically being out of water! John lives down in Devon.

      But, in fairness, back in June, 2017 we had bad smoke here in Merlin from fires in the forests around us.

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      1. I’m just so grateful we moved here from Arizona back in 2012. For my reckoning is that the local geology, we are on the Western flanks of the Cascades, means that the ground-water reserves are significant. Even our little Bummer Creek that flows through our property is still running.

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