Goodbye, dear ponies!

Dancer and Allegra are off to a new home!

When we were first here we gladly took on a couple of miniature horses from Margo, a neighbour to the west of us. Margo and Clarence’s property adjoins ours.

For some time we had been thinking of finding a better home for Dancer and Allegra especially as ‘sizing down’ was important to us being able to live here for many more years.

Margo will keep Allegra but has found a great new place for Dancer. Margo has been a breeder of miniature horse for many years.

So when I wrote yesterday in a reply to your responses: “The morning calls for other things to be done, more details later ,…” this is what was going on.

Some pictures to remember.

Ranger chatting with Dancer just before the ‘off’.


Jean leading as Margo and the ponies walk up the track that leads from our stable area.


Saying goodbye.


The open gate to a better tomorrow!


Goodbye, dear Dancer and Allegra!

12 thoughts on “Goodbye, dear ponies!

  1. That is a little sad, as I am sure you and Jean have enjoyed Dancer and Alegra’s presence at the ranch. But yes, downsizing is important when responsibilities become more work than you can take on.
    Web had a very sad/bad housesitting experience last year with a dying Weimarana and it left me in complete meltdown with my emotions. I have, for partly that reason, decided not to house sit pets any longer. It is a difficult decision because I love dogs, but it is also because I love dogs that I do not wish to see them in the wrong situations.

    Sometimes, saying goodbye, is the best way forward. 💖


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