Picture Parade Two Hundred and Forty-Six

Staying with the theme of our beautiful natural world.

(But with a difference; these photographs are taken by yours truly all within our property.)

Shared with you good people both today and in a week’s time.

But first an apology for there being no posts these last two days. All down to helping Ken, a local friend, with the task of giving our house a bit of a ‘paintover’.

Going from brown to grey!

OK! On with the scenes of nature!






Earlier in June we had a couple of wet days. On the first dry morning after the rain I took a number of photographs. Just two for now and then the rest shared with you in a week’s time.

Morning mists from the overnight rain.


The moisture in the air picked up by the morning sunlight was breathtakingly beautiful!

All the photographs were taken with a Nikon D750 camera and a Nikkor 24-70 2.8 lens.

14 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Forty-Six

    1. Yes, so do these ex-Londoners! Every morning around 6am (it’s 06:17 as I write this) when I go out to feed the horses and the wild deer I pause awhile and thank fate for delivering me to this place! Thank you, Susan!

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  1. Your property looks lovely Paul. I guess it summer there now. Does your living area face south to get the winter sun?
    Here in north west Tasmania, we get a fair bit of winter sun in through our north facing windows even if it’s cold outside at this time of year. (But never snowing in my area.)


    1. Thanks Margaret! The rear of our house, the side you can see in the first photograph, faces to the east. Guess that was how the fall of the ground determined how the house should be built back in 1977! So we enjoy the early morning sun as it rises above the flanks of Sexton Mountain that stands northeast of the house. But Winter morning sun is inevitably delayed.


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