That new EU law regarding data compliance!

Sorry but I need to join the crowd!

That is the crowd of emails that you and I have been receiving regarding the new GDPR law. The new law that is effective from today.

As a recent BBC video explains:

What is GDPR? Technology explained

A new EU law that changes how companies use our personal information kicks in on 25 May.

The BBC’s Chris Foxx explains what GDPR is and how it will affect you.

Then there is this YouTube video:

Finally, here’s an extract from a recent Firefox blog post:

1. The General Data Protection Regulation gives the European Union the power to hold businesses and organizations accountable for how they collect and handle personal data — your data.

Businesses and organizations have had two years to get ready. This wasn’t a sneak attack by the European institutions. The GDPR went on the books in May 2016, giving anyone who collects customer data plenty of time to prepare.

2. Even though it’s driven out of Europe, the GDPR impacts the whole world.

If you live outside of Europe, you’re probably wondering what a European law has to do with you. Thanks to something called “territorial scope,” any organization that deals with data of EU residents must comply with the GDPR for those individuals, which impacts global organizations like Apple and Facebook. Even though they are not strictly required, some organizations are taking a principled (and perhaps easier) approach, providing the same set of controls and protections to non-EU residents.

3. It’s filling up in your inbox.

We’ve all been bombarded with emails about updated privacy policies and terms of service. It’s (mostly) not fallout from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it’s because organizations are getting their policies and practices into GDPR compliance. Bonus points: All those emails are a hint to disconnect from services you’ve forgotten about.

Now this is where it gets complicated.

For while there is a WordPress plugin that is supposed to ensure that this WordPress blog conforms, whatever that implies, to the requirements of the new law I am not able to download it without upgrading the blog to Business Plan. As I am already paying to be a Premium WordPress user I object to shelling out more money just now.

So if there is any aspect of being a subscriber to Learning from Dogs that you do not like then please unsubscribe.

As I learn how other blog authors are dealing with the issue then I will let you know if there are any changes that I need to make.

Any advice or suggestions regarding this new law would be most welcome!

10 thoughts on “That new EU law regarding data compliance!

  1. Hi Paul, if you head over to a friend of mines blog, you can find more links there about the GDPR,
    I visited some of the links, and you can see what I found said by a WordPress expert to a question, as I have a free domain and do not intent to upgrade either.
    While we have to be responsible for our sites and the comply with the law, I can not put tick boxes in place like Debby has done on her site, So all I have done on my site it make sure I have the Cookies banner in place, and await WP to tweak the details of compliance as I can not add plugins.. Hope the links help you Paul.. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sue, that looks like a very useful resource. Thank you so much!

      It’s clearly something I need to take on board more than I assumed. Then it struck me that I sell the book via the blog. Oh well!!

      Part of me hates this sort of stuff but the vision behind this new law is good and I have no choice than to update my blog and emails accordingly.

      I’ll take a look at what you have done!

      As always, you are a good friend! 😍

      Liked by 2 people

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