Picture Parade Two Hundred and Twenty-Four

Playing games with the camera.

I am a great supporter of the wonderful photography forum Ugly Hedgehog. I was grumbling the other day that despite me having had my Nikon D750 for some months now I was still struggling to know how to use it properly. One of the wise birds, JD750, on the Forum said (in part):

“Sit down and read the manual, from page 1 to the end, with the camera in your lap.”

That’s what I have been doing and, oh my goodness, has it helped. Here are just a few photographs taken in the last week as a result of me reading the manual.

Firstly, some from outside around the house all with a bit of an autumnal feel to them.





Then a pic of Ben out in the paddock early on a rather brisk last Friday morning.


Experimenting with aperture-priority shot when sitting more-or-less in front of the wood stove one afternoon last week.


Plus some photographs from August of this year. Still using the Nikon but relying much more of the ‘automatic’ settings. Still neat photos in my opinion.




What’s that saying about when all else fails read the manual!

23 thoughts on “Picture Parade Two Hundred and Twenty-Four

    1. Many thanks, Susan. But please don’t be envious! I have long had an interest in photography, being a Pentax user before cameras went digital, and it was my dearest Jeannie who persuaded me to go for the Nikon before I got too old and didn’t know the front from the back of a modern camera! But talk about a learning curve!

    1. Thank you so much! And so sorry to hear about your three cats. One of our close friends, Jim, here in Merlin is a DVM. If you want me to link you and Jim up then please just say so!

  1. Paul so enjoyed my catch up this week.. Lovely informative posts, that are close to my heart.. Have a wonderful Week both of you.. and Enjoy a fabulous Christmas,, I am sure I will be over again before hand, but as this week for me is extra busy, I wanted to make sure I thanked you properly for your kind and loyal support over at Dreamwalker’s and as a friend..
    I so appreciate you and Jean, and have a wonderful Happy Christmas..
    Love Sue ❤ 🙂 🎅🥂🎁💗

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