Give the Mexican Wolf a single chance!

Picking up on Annie

Remember Kristin’s guest post just two days ago? Annie’s Second Chance?

I’m sure you do.

Well the reason I am using that connection is because I want to share with you an email that was received yesterday.


The Mexican gray wolf (also called lobo) is the rarest subspecies of gray wolf in the world.  With just 113 individuals in the wild, this federally endangered species needs your voice now.

Tell the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) to draft a science-based recovery plan for endangered lobos!

Despite recommendations by the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s own scientists, they have released a highly politicized Draft Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan, which we fear will lead these severally endangered wolves to extinction.

Ask the USFWS to revise their Draft Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan to protect endangered lobos instead of protecting special interests.

The draft recovery plan ignores science, gives special interests controlling power over recovery, and outlines criteria which will prematurely remove Endangered Species Act protections from the wolf.

Already plagued by mismanagement, poaching, and declining genetic diversity, the Mexican wolf needs your help more than ever.  We only have until the close of the comment period on August 29th to generate opposition to this flawed plan. Please submit your comment today to ask the US Fish and Wildlife Service to draft a recovery plan that’s based on science, not politics!

Thank you for your commitment to wildlife and wild places.


Hailey Hawkins
Southern Rockies Representative
Endangered Species Coalition

PS. Links not working? Take action for wolves at this URL:

Of course I wrote in support of the Lobo! And was delighted to notice that Action Network had set a goal of 3,200 letters and, as of yesterday morning, only a further 275 letters were needed to make that goal.

Please, dear reader, add your name. Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

23 thoughts on “Give the Mexican Wolf a single chance!

  1. Have sent my comments too…quite long actually. There is much research on the importance of wolves in bringing back an ecosystem to full health. I have used that example in reverse to indicate that vegetation and eventually streams and rivers collapse without wolves in place to predate over population of grazers.
    Whole ecosystems return to healthy life ultimately resulting in human health…people just don’t make these connections that what they do to other species, they ultimately do to themselves.

    I hope others take the time to write, or to add their names to the stock letter which outlines a very good case to review the Mexican Wolf protection.


      1. No, not really…
        I am afraid that I read far more than I write. But the wolf population being good for whole ecosystems was featured on a documentary I watched years ago…I’ll see if I can find a reference to it…


  2. Sent the letter. Wolves are necessary to balance the population. They have made a vast difference in the eco system of Yellowstone National Park, I saw short film about the positive changes that were brought about because the wolves kept the populations of other species in check. Man could not have done what the wolf helped change for the betterment of the area.


  3. I worked on the Mexican wolf project for three years as a field tech. They are incredible animals that deserve our respect and I hope that they can keep their place in the wild. I am a Federal Whistleblower with several active complaints detailing wrongdoing and misconduct on the Mexican wolf project. I believe that the Mexican wolf can only recover ‘At the Speed of Trust’, and that the USFWS has broken the trust with the people. I listened to the stories everyday from the stakeholders in the field, but I did not fully realize how unsettled the recovery area was until I witnessed serious civil liberties abuses and other misconduct myself.
    I believe that there can be peace and that the Mexican wolf can live free under a compromise plan, if that plan gives all of the control of the field management back to the states. The FWS has damaged the trust beyond repair. Many millions of Americans want control to remain with the Feds, but the people who live in the recovery area have had it with USFWS. The people that live with the wolf want the U.S Fish and Wildlife out. I value the wolf, but it is time to start thinking about a compromise. Many wolves are better than no wolves. Peace.

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    1. For as long as I keep blogging, and l hope that is for a good many years, I will never tire of decent, loving persons calling into this place. My long winded way of saying thank you!

      What you wrote was very interesting. Keep it up!


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