Service restored! :-)

Dear people,

A little over an hour-and-a-half ago, at 1pm PST, the power was restored.

The first task was to see if the water pipes coming from the well had been frozen last night because the outside temperature went down to -8 C./18 deg F. Luckily they had not. However tonight they are forecast to drop to -10 C./14 F. So before coming in to see if the internet was restored the number one task was to run a power cord to the well house and leave a 25 watt old-fashioned lamp down near the water pipes.

Ten minutes ago I turned on my AppleMac and, hey presto, we are connected to that big, virtual world.

Then a quick download of my Gmail to discover that I have 17,262 unread emails awaiting me! (Sorry, I was just showing off. There’s no way that I am that popular!!)

However, the last three digits are correct: there are 262 unread emails.

So I trust you will understand why there will not be a ‘proper’ post at midnight PST, as per normal, but hopefully if everything holds up (including yours truly) then blogging should be back to the regular daily pattern come next Saturday.

Oh, by the way, the forecast for this weekend includes a risk of flooding. Medford National Weather Service have published a hydrological warning.

333 AM PST THU JAN 5 2017

...Flood Potential Outlook for quick rises and possible flooding
due to heavy rain and snow melt on creeks, streams, and rivers in
the following counties in California...Modoc...Siskiyou and in

.A series of frontal systems will move through the area this weekend
through next week. The combination of recent heavy snowfall, rising
snow levels, and periods of heavy rainfall will lead to run-off
concerns beginning Sunday and continuing through early next week.

An initial round of heavy rainfall this weekend will saturate low
elevation snow pack leading to increased run-off. A second round of
heavy rain Tuesday through Thursday will lead to another period of
substantial run-off next week.

Lost for words!

19 thoughts on “Service restored! :-)

      1. Thanks Adam, and a very warm welcome to this place. Speaking of warm, I note that the present outside temperature, as of 6am, is -13 C. or in ‘old money’ 9 deg. F. Can’t imagine that is much different to Sweden just now?

        Where in Sweden do you live?


  1. The most important thing Paul is that you have power.. And that you prevent the water pipes from freezing.. We can all wait.. ๐Ÿ™‚ and we will still be here my friend..
    Sending Warm thoughts over to you and Jean ๐Ÿ™‚
    Take care of yourselves..
    Sue x


  2. Wi-Fi connections are critical to life in today’s world. Then again so is running water. Glad to see you have your priorities covered. Continued good luck. We’ll see you when you can post. Best wishes.


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