Loss of service, folks!

It’s Wednesday morning and we are now sitting in a local coffee shop in Grants Pass.

Back home we lost our Internet connection on Monday afternoon.

Then yesterday evening our electricity went down.

Oh, and we have now received a foot of snow.

Sorry I have such poor excuses for not blogging every day! 😢

7 thoughts on “Loss of service, folks!

  1. I am just glad you & Jean are safe. Stay warm & I hope you get that electricity back on. Trust me, I know what a nightmare that can be. We lost ours for a week over the summer with 80% humidity! Take care!


  2. I hope you have a gas line to your home. I have natural gas for heat because if electricity is out you are in a fix. Not to worry about not posting. Gee you have lots to cope with. You and Jean and the animas take care.


  3. I Know Paul.. You and Jean wanted to go sledging instead. 🙂 So long as you and all of your fury friends are warm and safe.. That is all that matters.. Do not worry about Blog land for a while..
    We will be only be throwing snowy comments your way..
    Hugs to you both.. And thank you for letting us know.. Take care of each other..
    Sue xxx


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