Loyalty, as only a dog can do it!

This is too wonderful.

Slowly getting back to normal although yesterday morning saw the water supply fail from the well. (Now restored!) Perhaps not surprising as overnight Thursday-through-Friday the outside temperature went down to 8.6 deg. F. or in ‘new money’ -13 deg. C.  (In fact I’m writing this at 10am yesterday waiting for the well engineer to arrive!)

On January 4th, the Care2 site published what has to be one of the most remarkable examples of the loyalty of a dog. This is about as perfect an example of what we humans can learn from our dogs as it gets!


Loyal Dog Protects Buddy Stuck on Tracks From Speeding Train

3197731-largeBy: Laura Goldman   January 4, 2017

About Laura

If you’ve ever had the slightest doubt about just how loyal dogs can be – not only to people but to other dogs – a pup who’s been named Panda really proved it on Christmas Day.

Panda and his pal, now named Lucy, apparently escaped from their home in western Ukraine and somehow ended up on railroad tracks in the town of Uzhhorod. Lucy had an injury and was unable to stand or move. Panda remained right by her side, warming her with his body in the freezing cold.

A train engineer contacted a group of animal rescue volunteers including Denis Malafeyev, telling them he’d seen the dogs on the tracks for two days. Malafeyev and the others took off to try to save them.

“I saw a train approaching and felt sick,” he wrote on Facebook. “The male dog heard the sound of the approaching train, came close to the female dog and laid down next to her. Both of them pushed their heads toward the ground and let the train pass.”

A viral video Malafeyev posted shows the dogs being run over by the speeding train. It’s chilling to think that this wasn’t the first time this happened to the dogs.

The video is disturbing and difficult to watch, but amazingly, both dogs survived with just minor injuries. It may also seem disturbing that, knowing a train would be approaching, Malafeyev didn’t put down his camera and save the dogs. He wrote in his Facebook post that he and the group had tried, unsuccessfully, to move them, but Panda would bark at them and refuse to let them get close to Lucy.

“Think about it. He was keeping her warm,” Malafeyev wrote. ” I don’t know what to call this: instinct, love, friendship, loyalty? One thing I know for sure is that not all people would do the same as this dog!”

The video has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, with many commenters agreeing with Malafeyev that humans have a lot to learn from this dog.

15697205_1203415936406516_7707205456893868670_nFour days later, Malafeyev posted new videos of Panda and Lucy on Facebook. The dogs were taken to an animal shelter and have been reunited their owners, UPI reports. (There are conflicting reports that the dogs were adopted and given the names Panda and Lucy by their new owners. Either way, the two dogs are in a forever home together.)

(Note: there was another video on that Care2 page that I can’t find on YouTube.)

Lucy had no fractures, but only severe bruising, The Sun reports.

“Lucy lives in a house in a warm room! It’s really warm in here!” Malafeyev wrote. “The animals are on the mend!”

Hopefully Panda will be rewarded with treats for his heroic actions, and the owners will make their home more escape proof.

Photo credit: YouTube


 I am going to close this post by including another YouTube video of this incredible act together with the text supporting this video.

Incredible Story of Devotion Dog! 2017

Published on Jan 4, 2017
Incredible Story of Devotion Dog! The dog two days guarded wounded friend on the rails!
On Sunday, December 25 near the village of Uzhgorod in the district of Tyyglash a touching story took place in Ukraine. Two dogs spent about two days on the tracks, one of them was injured, and the other kept the injured dog warmed and protected from the passing trains.
The story was posted on his page on facebook user Denis Malafeev. His friends noticed two dogs lying on the tracks, one of them was injured. Later, the man himself arrived on the scene.
Several attempts to remove the animal from the rails were in vain, because the dog strongly defended her friend from the people!
When the animals heard an approaching train, the healthy dog lay next to a wounded dog and together they were pressed to the ground between the rails. This moment Malafeev managed to capture on video.
The dog did it for two days in a row! Just think! He warmed it for two days, so that it did not freeze and put himself in danger every time! I do not know how to call it: the instinct, love, friendship, loyalty? It is instructive for us!
Together with his friends, they took dogs and took them to the shelter. The Post reports that they are now waiting for their owners.

P.S. Shortly after the publication in social networks there were dog owners. It was learned that the Pandas and Lucy – so call the animals – there are no serious injuries, only bruises and hematomas. I found out that shaggy live in the home side’s S. Tseglovka in Transcarpathia for several years and are committed to each other from puppyhood. Dogs run away from home when someone from the house forgot to close the door on the site. They searched all over the village. But when the owners heard the story of “Romeo and Juliet” on track – immediately rushed to pick up pets from the shelter. Now dogs are at home, and their life is not threatened.

For two days that one dog protected the other. It is beyond imagination to think how frightening a speeding train would have been for those two precious dogs. Not just once but numerous times before rescue came to them.

Such a privilege to be able to share this with you.

29 thoughts on “Loyalty, as only a dog can do it!

      1. I can’t bring myself to search for it (it saddens me too much) but there is a video (from Chili, I think) of a pair of dogs, best friends self-evidently, on a highway. One is hit and killed but the other does not leave its side. Slowly, he drags the body through the traffic to the emergency lane and stays with his friend. All of it was caught on CC footage.


  1. Can’t watch the video, but the story is so heartwarming. I love dogs. Just saw an old dog friend today – we met when he was injured getting picked on by another dog. This dog guy is such a softie! Now he’s injured again, but his owner who was beating himself up for letting the other dog near (a kid was walking it and asked if his dog was friendly, and my friend said,’Sure!’ Then the attack happened …) said, “We’re always learning.” And they are. He takes such good care of this beautiful guy. Good for them, I say.


  2. This is exactly why I love animals and in particular dogs. Their loyalty is beyond reproach. They don’t care how rich you are, what you look like, how smart you are, they have no conditions on their feelings. A beautiful share, Paul! BTW, it is 4 degrees here in my neck of the woods. The snow is pristine and beautiful.


  3. Such a beautiful story and lovely ending Paul.. but I couldn’t watch the video even though I know it was a happy outcome..
    Its such a heart warming story of loyalty
    I hope you are keeping warm and the snow is less.. Europe is having its share at the moment..
    Have a great week. Hugs Sue


    1. Thank you, Sue. The thaw, albeit slow, has arrived but already this morning we have had over an inch of rain since midnight! Hoping it will be possible to get out on to Hugo Road either late today, or more likely tomorrow morning.

      Warm hugs returned your way!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes Europe is in a big freeze grip right now and snow and colder weather forecast for the end of the week here.. Raining hard at the moment.. I hope it soon thaws for you 🙂


  4. Incredible story. Dogs are more devoted than most humans. I am still wondering why it took the man who saw the dogs two entire days to find someone that could get the injured dog off the track.


    1. My understanding, possibly not perfect, is that the ‘nurse’ dog was being very aggressive towards strangers coming across to them. But that only makes the story more incredible; doesn’t it!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Beautiful love this🙌🏼

    Do check out my blog posts and let me know what you think would love that I’m new to the blogging worldx


    1. Welcome! Thank you for calling by and I hope to see you again. Just been across to your place and I’ll give you some feedback later on today. I will leave it as a response to your latest post.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ah what a story. I guess it is a happy one, though also so sad in parts. And yes, what loyalty dogs have. I often think about pretending to lie about hurt under a bush to see what my Labrador would do. Probably, lick me to death knowing him…..


  7. What ever happened to the two dogs on the train tracks? Were the owners good owners or did they leave these 2 dogs outside 24/7 ? I know if my dogs were missing for 20 min I would have all 100 of my friends looking for them and these people the dogs were lost 2 days? Are they good pet owners that loved thier pets?
    If there is a rescue that I can donate to so u can continue to do the great work you do let me know and I will donate to help you.
    Please let me know
    Scott Grove


    1. Scott, welcome to this place. This post was quite a few years ago so I can’t answer your question. In terms of a dog charity you can donate to I would suggest a local dog rescue unit that you can visit and see the work that they are doing. I would imagine there are many in your area. Let us know about the charity you find!


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