Maybe we all need saving!

Back to that wonderful theme.

My post of last Tuesday week, the one about Murat Şahin feeding the dogs and cats in Istanbul, was so warmly welcomed by you.

So with your ‘Likes’ and wonderful comments still feeling like a long hug, metaphorically speaking, a week-and-a-half later I thought it would be nice to publish this today. It was seen over on the Care2 website.


Over-The-Moon Taxi Driver Saves Dog From River

3194543-largeCaki Bravo is becoming rather well known across Sarajevo as the man who saves dogs. The 6′ 2″ tall taxi driver is a gentle giant whose passion leads to the rescue of at least a dozen street dogs each month. Caki’s latest rescue was caught on video, and his over-the-moon reaction is something viewers can’t stop watching.

Watch Caki’s Unbridled Happiness When He Saves The Dog

(The video is not on YouTube but you may watch it by going here.)

“People said that he was pushed by a passerby, a man of about 30 years old,” Caki says explaining how the dog now named Rio ended up in the river. “We were trying to pull him up but it was really hard because he was in a panic.”

14958863_1887382628162398_1452435895_n-e1479772182279And when dealing with a frightened dog, patience is an essential element for success. Fortunately, having rescued several hundred dogs in recent years, Caki knew just what to do.

14961329_1887488414818486_1114992854_n-e1479772145641“When he was brought to dry ground, he was shaking from the cold and from the fear,” Caki explains.

But within minutes, Rio was warming to the idea of human touch and sitting comfortably in the lap of rescue teammate Edina Pasic. Rio is now adjusting very well in foster care.”

15109369_1023327187796839_2243034638044163209_n-e1479771894671Caki belongs to a collective of rescuers in Bosnia who are caring for at least a couple thousand dogs in any given month. He and the others  spent last weekend delivering bales of straw to a municipal dog pound to keep the dogs warm for winter.

The volunteer visit each Sunday includes delivering a large meal to each and every dog. Unfortunately, the town feeds the dogs only stale bread during the week. Rescuers are attempting to provide good quality food more often.

15027843_1893013444265983_1309771584715394544_n-e147977193267315095077_1893013504265977_5306553848004701128_n-e1479772017876The USA-based Harmony Fund charity has just provided meals for the volunteers to deliver to the dogs throughout the month of December. The group often posts updates of the Bosnian rescue efforts on their Facebook page.


Again and again dogs show us the power of love! (And forgiveness!)


11 thoughts on “Maybe we all need saving!

  1. Wow, simply wow. LOVE this blog post. It is so heart warming to hear nice things about people loving the animals and saving them. Dogs don’t require much, but their love that they have in return is limitless. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. And also for posting the links as well.

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    1. Yes, when I first met my lovely Jeannie she had for many years been finding good homes for abandoned dogs in and around San Carlos, Mexico. And we are speaking of many saved dogs, most certainly two hundred or more.

      I went out from Southwest England, where I was living, together with Pharaoh in 2008. Then in 2010 when we resettled in America we came up with 16 dogs and 7 cats. I will always remember the reaction by the border control officer when we entered Arizona!

      We had 14 dogs and 6 cats when we came to Oregon in 2012 but now down to 9 dogs and 3 cats.

      Sorry, didn’t mean to gabble on so much!

      The point I was trying to make was how special Jean is and what a very loving person she is!

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      1. I really understand the reason why u explained so much. It’s the complexity if not just one reason the person u are with is so important. I liked the extra information or rambling. It shows what a wonderful person u have chosen to be with. Nothing wrong with that.


  2. Thank God for people like Caki. This story warms my heart. Paul, you often say we have much to learn from dogs. We need to remember how to forgive. Beautiful inspirational post!


    1. Susan, time and time again when I look at our dogs and think of their background and how they were treated by so-called humans I am beyond comprehension at their ability to forgive and then love another human. But not just dogs; were you reading this place when I wrote abut us taking on the two abandoned horses?

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