Time for a change of face!

Just to demonstrate that this place is not ‘wall-to-wall’ dogs.

How about a wonderful story of a cat that saved the lives of three humans!

It was seen, as so often these days, over on the Care2 site and it just had to be shared with all you good people.


Meet Jackson, the Amazing Cat Who Saved Three Humans in a Fire

By: Emily Zak November 30, 2016

About Emily

3195065-largeJust before 5 a.m. on Thanksgiving, three people in a quiet San Mateo, Calif., neighborhood woke up to the sound of breaking glass — and their cat, Jackson.

He jumped up on one person and meowed until they woke up, bells on his collar jingling.

At first, everyone thought someone was breaking in. Then, they realized their garage was ablaze.

The fire had just started spreading to the house.

Thanks to Jackson’s alarm, the couple and their roommate escaped outside.

The boyfriend, Chris, tried to quench the flames with a garden hose. But the water stopped and the fire started blazing through the home, up to the attic.

They searched frantically for Jackson, but couldn’t find him.

Then, the fire engines arrived, eight total, as well as ladder trucks and an air support unit.

Firefighters took 40 minutes to extinguish the fire, which had spread to nearby power lines and the side of a neighbor’s house, according to Burlingame Patch.

One rescued Jackson, who was still inside.

A 24-hour emergency vet treated the cat for smoke inhalation, and kept him for observation for at least a day.

Even a local fire chief pegs the Jackson the cat as the hero.

“In my heart, I believe that cat was trying to alert its owners that something wasn’t right,” San Mateo fire Battalion Chief Joe Novelli tells The Mercury News.

No humans were injured. But the blaze displaced them with little more than their lives.

The fire caused $475,000 in damage, displaced all three residents and gutted their home to ash.

But at least Jackson survived.

“I am happy to report that Jackson the Cat is recovering nicely and has been released from the vet—not before a hefty bill though, I’m afraid,” Shenea Strader, who started a GoFundMe page for the three to get back on their feet, told me.

Photo credit: Thinkstock


We can never have too many good news stories!

But we should also not forget that this family down in California have one hell of a rebuild hill to climb. So if you can spare a few pennies for the rebuild costs then this is the page to go to: https://www.gofundme.com/thanksgivinghousefire/

And when you go there the first thing that will smack you in the face is this photograph.

3163817_14801094250_rLosing one’s home to a fire has go to be simply dreadful but big hugs to all and a very special cuddle for Jackson the cat!

10 thoughts on “Time for a change of face!

  1. While I am partial to dogs, I have owned many cats & love them as well! Felines are incredibly smart & intuitive. There is no doubt in my mind that Jackson was warning his family. I am relieved to know he survived & was relatively unscathed. Losing a home to fire is a tragedy. I hope Jackson’s friends get back on their feet. Another great share, Paul!


  2. I have heard stories like this before, where a cat has warned their people of impending danger; just like dogs, they do sense these things, and thank goodness Jackson did, saving not only himself but his family too. Hats off to Jackson!


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