A stopgap!

Rain may stop play!

It is 11:35 Sunday, as in yesterday!

Since the start of the rain on Thursday morning we have received over 9in of rain (23 cms). Since midnight this day, over 2 ins (5 cms) have fallen.

This was empty last Wednesday!
This was empty last Wednesday!

The internet connection is terrible and I have low confidence that it will stay up all day.

So please forgive me for leaving you with just this for now.

p1160529Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!


By 3pm yesterday over 3 in (7.5 cms) of rain had fallen and Jean and I decided to go and rent a couple of movies to watch for the evening.

On the way of our driveway, that is a 1/4 mile long from the house to Hugo Road, it crosses over Bummer Creek. I took the following two pictures of the creek from the bridge.

Bummer Creek: looking upstream.
Bummer Creek: looking upstream.


Bummer Creek: looking downstream.
Bummer Creek: looking downstream.

Farewell the hazy, lazy, dry days of Summer!

Second footnote

The rain paused a little after 5pm and I managed to snap the following rather evocative (well to me, anyway) scenes of a misty outlook.

Mount Sexton to the North-East of us.
Mount Sexton to the North-East of us.


Fairy-tale scene??
Fairy-tale scene??

(Oh, and by 6pm the rain gauge was reading 3.6 in/9.14 cms)

15 thoughts on “A stopgap!

  1. Paul I just loved these views, and especially the low cloud mist over the mountain. Since getting back from Scotland last week where we had NO rain at all for the whole week. Its rained more or less every day since our return.
    But nothing nicer than snuggling up to a couple of movies.. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed and hope the weather soon dries out for you both.
    Hugs Sue 😉


  2. Stay warm and dry, Paul! Watching movies is always a great way to spend rainy days. I’m sure the pack will love it. That creek level did look concerning though. Through the mist over the mountains you could see a little bit of a pink sky. Fingers crossed that the deluge ends on Wednesday.


    1. Spot on, Susan! We did go and rent four movies on Sunday. One of them was Perdition that we watched last night – very well played and directed but what a tough story! The rain is definitely close to ending; pressure now rising and a sunny and warm day forecast for tomorrow.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! Yes, my guess is that this particular rain storm will top out at a little under 12 inches. As of a couple of minutes ago our local weather station was reading 11.74 in.

        The forecast for today is 70% showers before 11am. (And it’s 7:55am now.)


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