Distracted from Oregon!

Apologies for the fact that the next few days are going to be challenging, from a blogging point-of-view.

A fraction over a month ago I introduced a post called Returning To Happy Dogs where I said:

Yesterday, I was at our local Three Rivers Hospital having a colonoscopy. The procedure was a breeze but I wouldn’t recommend the bowel prep one has to take before the procedure!😦

When the results came through I was informed that the surgeon, Dr. Nelson, had found a fairly large polyp in my colon. The polyp was about 4 cms long but, thankfully, the biopsy taken came back negative – there was no sign of bowel cancer! Joy of joys!

But tomorrow I am returning to Three Rivers Hospital early in the morning so that Dr. Nelson and his team may remove the polyp. I am uncertain as to how quickly I will be “back on my feet”.

Then on Saturday and Sunday PetSmart down in Medford, about an hour South of us here in Merlin, are holding a major cat and dog adoption event. Jean and I have been invited to attend in association with a book signing for my book as a large part of my sale proceeds are going to a local animal rescue society.

Thus for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday I am going to be republishing posts from earlier times.

I made the decision to republish posts from a few years back on the assumption, and hope, that many of you dear people that have signed up to follow these scribbles will not have previously read them. Plus, I am unsure how well connected I will be in terms of replying to comments.

Many thanks!


16 thoughts on “Distracted from Oregon!

  1. Sending you my best wishes and healing thoughts! I know from experience [my parents] it’s a routine ‘thing’, so don’t worry, you’ll be up and about in no time! Happy signing [and sales!]!!!! 🙂

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  2. You’ll be instantly well after they remove the polyp. Had a colonoscopy in June and had y polyps…It was a piece of cake..

    When you write: The colonoscopy was a breeze but I wouldn’t recommend the bowel prep one has to take before the procedure!

    I dont agree and it could discourage people when you need to put water and preparation in the fridge. Buy straws. Mix a bit of lemon syrup…and “voilà” !

    Stop eating after breakfast and with the night before beverage you clean yourself real fast. Next day they do both the colonoscopy and the removal.

    The cancer of colon is a silent one and people should know that the preparation, the colonoscopy and removal of polyps are an very easy procedure.


    1. Wouldn’t argue with anything you wrote. I’ve just had a breakfast ahead of twenty-four hours of liquids only. We met with the surgeon yesterday afternoon and he was very clear about how straightforward the procedure would be.


      1. You will feel great afterwards. Check if you have in the stomach a bacteria “Helicobacter”. (70 % of the world has it) If you do got the best effective natural treatment to recommend. Best regards


    1. Lovely to receive your very kind wishes. But should just mention that Jean and I are secular humanists and have been for many years. I deeply admire the commitment that huge numbers of good and honest people make to a ‘higher order’ but it’s not my scene. Best wishes to you.


  3. Glad to hear the good news, Paul! Good luck to you and I hope your book signing at Petsmart goes well. You post the articles and I’ll read them. You’re in my thoughts.


  4. Sending thoughts your way Paul and like Marina said and from my hubbies experience too you will be up and about in no time.. In the mean time though Paul sending well wishes and enjoy the adoption event both of you. And be like me, start to enjoy some ME time.. We will be here when you feel like posting again..
    Love and best wishes Sue ❤


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