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Distracted from Oregon!

Apologies for the fact that the next few days are going to be challenging, from a blogging point-of-view.

A fraction over a month ago I introduced a post called Returning To Happy Dogs where I said:

Yesterday, I was at our local Three Rivers Hospital having a colonoscopy. The procedure was a breeze but I wouldn’t recommend the bowel prep one has to take before the procedure!😦

When the results came through I was informed that the surgeon, Dr. Nelson, had found a fairly large polyp in my colon. The polyp was about 4 cms long but, thankfully, the biopsy taken came back negative – there was no sign of bowel cancer! Joy of joys!

But tomorrow I am returning to Three Rivers Hospital early in the morning so that Dr. Nelson and his team may remove the polyp. I am uncertain as to how quickly I will be “back on my feet”.

Then on Saturday and Sunday PetSmart down in Medford, about an hour South of us here in Merlin, are holding a major cat and dog adoption event. Jean and I have been invited to attend in association with a book signing for my book as a large part of my sale proceeds are going to a local animal rescue society.

Thus for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday I am going to be republishing posts from earlier times.

I made the decision to republish posts from a few years back on the assumption, and hope, that many of you dear people that have signed up to follow these scribbles will not have previously read them. Plus, I am unsure how well connected I will be in terms of replying to comments.

Many thanks!