Treasures Within and Without.

We must never let go of admiring beauty.

It’s Sunday lunchtime and I have come in from outside to check my emails and to put together the post for today. For reasons I can’t exactly put my finger on I’m feeling a little distracted. I sense a yearning for being transported away from the ‘outside world’ and turning inwards: Even giving blogging a rest for a couple of weeks (but I won’t).

So thank goodness for the blogging contacts we make all around the world. Just last Saturday Sue, of Sue Dreamwalker’s blog, published an exquisitely beautiful poem. Sue very promptly gave me permission to republish it in full. Sue’s poem speaks to me just now; speaks to me in this rather introspective place. I hope her wonderful words speak to you as well.

Here it is.


Mother Gaia ~ The Blue Dot.

11 Jun 2016 .

Three Sisters Glen Coe Scotland.

How many times have you gazed at the stars?

To ask the question of whom we are

This Blue Dot in the vastness of space

Have you questioned the existence of the Human Race?


Did we really evolve from Neanderthal Man?

From Ape to Human imagine if you can

Woolly Mammoths along with Sabre Tooth Tigers

Ice Ages and Floods, Volcanoes and Fires


Mountains crashing, rising from ocean floors

Fossils created into stony forms

Petrified wood in glaciers saved

While Crystals grow beneath deep dark cave


How many times have you asked ‘Who am I?’

As you gaze longingly at the starlit sky

So many treasures now upon this Blue Dot

So sad that we’ve evolved, but we also forgot


That we Humans just like the Dinosaur race

Could soon disappear without a trace

As our superior brains seemed to have lost the plot

Of our coexistence within this amazing Blue Dot


As we pollute our Mother who brings such life

While we rage in greed creating more strife

We poison our land modifying crops

Caring less and less until the last Bee drops


Long after we’re gone as the planets realign

A new dawn will break over the memory of mankind

His legacy I’m sure one day will be discovered

As some future traveller his fossils will uncover.


But it’s never too late to alter our future

When we live in harmony and learn to nurture

Holding onto LOVE and Letting go of Hate

We can all help our Blue Planet Regenerate.

Copyright Sue Dreamwalker 2016.

This is just one of the beautiful slides from Sue’s slide show. As she writes, “The above slide show are the photo’s I took that inspired the poem above. They were taken in Scotland where I visited a crystal and mineral centre near Fort William. It was a delightful find holding a wealth of Treasures of The Earth which can be found here. “


 (Please view the full slide show here.)

Sue then completes her beautiful post; as follows:

There is so much more that lays hidden beneath our Earth Mother, as well as within ourselves.

If only we dig deep enough to find the Treasures Within.  

Love and Blessings


I am still digging Deep How about You?

Life is an endless dig to find treasures within.

Beautiful, Sue!

10 thoughts on “Treasures Within and Without.

  1. Sue’s poem says it all. Is it too late- I think so. I’m a pessimist and I think our planet is beyond saving,. Too much hate in the name of religion. Too many people to feed. Too much waste and no where to put it. Too many wars and nothing to stop them. And the list goes on.


    1. I can offer no rational argument against your gloomy attitude. Maybe living in such a rural situation where looking after each other and our animals takes first, second and third place insulates me from what you are experiencing.

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  2. Well Paul, I tend to see things in a very broad sense. Leaders of all countries can not come to an agreement about how to reduce or eliminate carbon, the ozone layer is all but destroyed, fracking for oil is causing sink holes and earth quakes. Most countries are dependent on oil. We are rapidly over populating the US and the same goes for most other countries. Insurance, Monsanto, pharmaceutical companies and, utility companies all have a monopoly. Our elected officials refuse to stand up to big business and the super wealthy pay next to nothing in taxes.

    Therefore no matter who gets elected there will be little change for our law makers are beholden to lobbyists. I don’t believe for one minute that there is more than a handful of honest folks who are in politics for unselfish reasons.

    I stand by my gloomy attitude. I live a rather secluded existence where I care for a number of animals just as you and Jean. If I lived on my farm property I’d have horses and donkeys but I live on one acre in town where many years ago my husband and I and 4 other neighbors lived on a gravel road and had a rural route as our address. I am now surrounded by huge homes where the very wealthy live. I don’t know their names and they don’t know mine. Three neighbors and I have held onto our property.

    Sorry to have taken over your comment section. I have stepped down from my soap box. 🙂


    1. Your apology for offering such a passionate and articulate reply is not required! I loved what you wrote. What is tragic is what you express appears to be so widely felt. When I do book signings I usually have the opportunity to ask how many are worried about the future. To a person everyone is.

      I was born in London six months before the end of World War II. I have this fear that I will die six months into the next huge conflagration!

      Thank goodness for the connections we can make via blogging. Sending you hugs.

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  3. Many thanks Paul for your reblog and apologies in the delay in getting here.
    I had more PC probs which are being looked at, but so fed up was I that I bought a new Laptop.. Which I had installed some soft wear I use hence the delay.. So I was only up and running this afternoon. xxx


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