Hazel’s sonogram.

Nothing life-threatening found!

I’m writing this post at 5pm yesterday (Tuesday) shortly after we returned home from collecting Hazel from Lincoln Road Vet Clinic following her earlier examination by Dr. Parker using his mobile sonogram.

Hazel at the clinic shortly before she was taken in by the staff.
Hazel at the clinic shortly before she was taken in by the staff.

The good news is that Dr. Parker did not find any sign of trauma or life-threatening illnesses in Hazel’s body especially focusing on her abdomen.

Dr. Parker to the left being assisted by clinic staff as he examines Hazel ultra-sonically.
Dr. Parker to the left being assisted by clinic staff as he examines Hazel ultra-sonically.

(I should be quick to say that I left my camera with one of the technicians and wasn’t present. Indeed, Jean and I did not get to meet Dr. Parker.)

Dr. Parker, who is a board-certified veterinarian doctor, came to the conclusion that the most likely cause of Hazel’s illness was the fungal lung infection, as Dr. Codd and the radiologist supposed.

Nothing frightening seen!
Nothing frightening seen!

To try and narrow down the exact fungal infection a further blood sample was taken and the lab results should be known in three or four days time.

Dr. Codd, in his briefing to Jean and me when we collected Hazel late afternoon, said that his recommendation based on the lack of any notable findings from the scan could be summarised as follows:

  • Regard treating the fungal infection as the number one priority,
  • Hold off from treating the tick fever in the interim,
  • Dose Hazel with 100mg of Fluconazole twice a day even if she is eating hardly anything,
  • The measure is whether Hazel, with a very small food intake, can take that dosage without vomiting,
  • Add a B12 tonic to her diet with immediate effect,
  • Give Hazel appetite stimulant medicine,
  • Consider the hemp oil (as queried by me) if the proper dosage can be determined.

(Petspeopleandlife: Hazel’s current weight is 53 lbs (24 kg). Any advice?)

Back home again albeit still feeling a little drowsy!
Back home again albeit still feeling a little drowsy!

Thus while we have not yet got to the bottom of what precisely is the nature of Hazel’s infection at least we know there isn’t anything else silently killing her.

Thank you so much, dear readers, for taking so much interest in Hazel and for sending your love and caring wishes – it’s working! 🙂

36 thoughts on “Hazel’s sonogram.

    1. Tee! Hee! Don’t remind me, John, I am way behind on grass cutting! Our direct neighbour to the North of us has cattle and I have been tempted to ask if we might borrow one or two, or twenty! But then that would require some fencing work and …..

      I have a list here that I make up each day of all things that I won’t be doing today!

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      1. You hear correctly. But they are even better at jumping over fences than cows or sheep! Ah well, it’s a lot better than living in a desert!

        (And Hazel has now eaten her first decent amount of food in days!)

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  1. Baby rice cereal (the kind you cook) and scrambled eggs are what my dogs like when they aren’t feeling well. Then I swap out the eggs with ground low fat turkey when they are doing better.


      1. All ideas gratefully received. Must say that in the last hour Hazel has shown real hunger, and is eating! 😀 Fingers crossed that the appetite stimulant and the B12 tonic are having a direct, positive effect.

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  2. When Josie stopped eating due to medicine, one suggestion that Josie loved was goat’s milk. She eagerly drank it and it does provide some nutrition. Another suggestion was bone broth. Surprisingly, she wasn’t as eager with it, but still drank some of it. Any little bit helps.


    1. Firstly, a very warm welcome. Great to have your ideas. Be assured that if we have any more eating problems with Hazel, or any of our dogs, your recommendation will not be ignored. (And can’t resist asking you why your ‘handle’ is The Admiral?)


  3. Also essential oil of rosemary can lift her spirits and protect her while she’s in healing mode. I put a dose of it in my hands, rub them together, and fluff the dog’s fur/massage him or her with it. Each dog has particular sensitivities, so best to start with a little bit. Anyhow, happy to hear she’s not critical, and sending you all the best!


  4. Ok I found your post in the trash. I’m so sorry I am just getting to my mail. I drove my son to 3 appts. (two were with his Mds) He is not yet releashed to drive although he certainly could.

    But back to Hazel. The hemp oil that I order is for large dogs over 50#. (16mg = 1mg. The bottle reads 500mg CBD(hemp oil). For a 50-60 lb. dog give 0.7ml (cc) Your vet can give you a dosing syringe but preferably it needs to be one that is for oral use and these are colored orange. I don’t know why but the orange colored syringe made for oral medication use does not get gummy or in plain words the plunger does not stick in the barrel no matter how many times it’s used for meds. I keep mine in the fridge(syringe) but the Hemp oil should not go in the fridge. Keep in dark cabinet.

    If you have further questions, address those in your reply or email me at yvonnedanielrn@yahoo.com. I have close vet connection that has a number of pets on the CBD Hemp oil. She has only had one fail out of about 50 clients. I swear by hemp oil. It is keeping 2 cats alive with lymphoma who are on chemo meds. They have been on it since last September before they were diagnosed. They had stopped eating and the hemp get them to eat. Now it keeps them from having side effects from the chemo med. I have one 12 year old dog with severe arthritis in back and hip. He gets around really good now and best of all he has a great appetite.

    PS: My dog is 44 pounds but sometimes I give him .75ml(3/4cc) for his arthritis. You can squirt the hemp oil in Hazel’s mouth to be sure she gets the dose. If 0.7ml does not work I would increase dose a little each day. Some pets needs twice daily dosing, Have you found some one who sells the hemp? I don’t know how your seller has the hemp mixed. I’m not sure if all suppliers use the same formula. You must shake the bottle of hemp really good before drawing any from the container. VERY IMPORTANT.

    Another note. Get some Hills Science diet AD (canned food that is used for ill dogs and cats) Pets love it and you can put some in your hand and let her lick your hand. It is like baby food and very soft. Hazel needs to eat so she does not get sicker. You can thin it with water and use a larger syringe from you vet or get some eye droppers from a pharmacy to get the mix into her mouth if she won’t lick from your hand. Be sure to also give B12 injections. Daily if need be for about 3 days. You can go to an animal emergency clinic at night and they would probably sell you some AD if you want to get some tonight. Call first to find out if they will sell you a couple of cans until you can obtain from a vet. It is RX food so it can’t be bought at a store.

    Good luck. Feel free to email me.


      1. You are welcome. I hope this little bit of info will help Hazel if you and your vets can obtain the hemp oil. Give her some AD and B12 for sure.

        I wish and pray for her recovery.


  5. I do so hope Hazel is continuing in her health Paul.. and thank you for sharing all of that with us.. Vets do amazing things these days with such advances in tech aids.. 🙂


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