Trying to make sense of these times?

A departure from recent themes.

Tom Engelhardt
Tom Engelhardt

Some time ago, I republished, with Tom’s permission, essays that were being published on the TomDispatch blogsite. While those essays had nothing at all to do with dogs, they had much to do with integrity; the underlying theme of Learning from Dogs. Then Tom Engelhardt very generously gave me blanket permission to republish further TomDispatch essays whenever I felt so inclined. Thus back in 2011, I republished The Great American Carbon Bomb because it seemed so important to readers of this place. Subsequently, from time to time, other essays have been republished again because they seemed worthy of a broader distribution.

Which brings me to today’s post; another republication of a TomDispatch essay. Why? Because what is presently going on in the world, about the price of oil, about the chaos in the Middle-East, about the prospects of global deflation and the frightening consequences that could flow from that, are of concern to 99.9% of the ordinary folk living on this planet, including the vast majority of owners of dogs.

Thus without any further ado, here is the latest ‘Tomgram’: Michael Klare, The Look of a Badly Oiled Planet.


Tomgram: Michael Klare, The Look of a Badly Oiled Planet

10 thoughts on “Trying to make sense of these times?

  1. What a very interesting post Paul….And It was news to me about the Arabs charging their own countrymen higher prices for their own oil…
    Here thankfully for a change we have seen the fuel at the pumps the lowest in many a year.. £0-99 point 7 pence per Litre.. all helps… But it took a price war mainly between Supermarkets to lower it to that. Usually as the price goes up it is immediate at the pumps,, Seldom does it ever come down so quickly.. and is passed on..

    Our energy systems and fuels are going to change in the future, they have to. Here in the UK we saw our very last coal mine shut last year.. And if people look back within our history they would have said that would not happen.. For we needed Coal… How things change.. So too I am sure there is innovative inventions out there already patented yet blocked, because they embrace cheaper alternative ways of fuelling our planets needs energy wise .. Without leaving carbon footprints I am sure… But those who wield power within the oil industry are not about to let go of their Thrones within their empires..
    Many thanks for sharing Paul.. Sue

  2. Thanks Paul, for republishing “the elephant in the room.”

    On another note, I’ve pumped your nonfiction “Learning from Dogs…” and added two photographs I took of your splendid book cover! I hope we can become the core of a team of dog lovers plus Indie book authors (not far in the future, either. I’m on track for my final draft).

    1. Thank you so much, Deborah. That is so much appreciated. Yesterday, I had an order for 32 books from a supporter in Arizona and that takes the total for the Humane Society Pharaoh fund to over $500! 🙂

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