Picture parade one hundred and twenty-four

More than a photograph, less than a film!

Enjoy these for today’s picture parade:

Published on Nov 6, 2015
Another try at a slow motion video of Abbey shaking the water off after a bath

Published on Apr 24, 2014
Stunning, Perfection, Breathtaking – just a few words that describe this 3 minute surfing clip that shows Ian Walsh catching huge waves and making it look effortless.

Well over two million viewings.

Music: Versailles
Warner // Chappell Production Music

Published on Oct 22, 2014

This is a clip from our movie “THE SECRET LIFE OF TREES”.
More on www.homan.pl

That homan.pl web link is well worth a visit – stunning stuff!

Finally, back to slow animal shakes! (And I must acknowledge Mother Nature News for the idea for today’s picture parade.)

Published on Mar 21, 2013
Why do wet furry mammals shake? Si and Sam give some of their favourite animals a shower to uncover the science behind the ‘wet dog shake’. Sam caught up with Andrew Dickerson from Georgia Institute of Technology to find out more about the science… we’ll have the full interview for you soon.

11 thoughts on “Picture parade one hundred and twenty-four

  1. Slo-mo video seems to be yet another benefit of smart phones. I feed sparrows in the park and shoot them in slo-mo on my iPhone. Great fun to watch. They look like little astronauts on the moon


  2. Loved Abbey after her bath .. the birds feeding, lol, how big were those insects? and amazing footage of the surfer within that wave.. and those lip smacking licks of Peanut butter, what a treat..

    Enjoyed watching Paul


      1. I am sure many more Paul get lots of delight from your Blog who read it but do not comment.. I may be late in arriving, but I do enjoy your posts and enjoy my long catch up with those who also take the trouble to interact with my own blog.. 🙂 It is a two way streak my friend.. And I thank you for your own continued support at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary 🙂


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