Best laid plans, and all that!

Another lesson from our dogs…..

…. that of not taking life too seriously at times!

I didn’t get to my PC until after 4pm yesterday afternoon and, frankly, didn’t have a clue as to what to post for today.

Then in comes Per Kurowski to rescue me with an email sent earlier in the day, titled: “I do not know if you saw this?”

“This” being the following video.

11 thoughts on “Best laid plans, and all that!

      1. Well yes, I was being ironic of course, but I do wonder if it is we humans that are the more absurd in our neurotic and obsessively private lavatorial behaviours.


  1. The founding cynic Diogenes, was of the opinion that people ought to behave more like dogs. In particular, his followers would have sex in public. This was viewed as a much ridiculed oddity at the time.

    In the fullness of time, the Catholics decided that anything having to do with the body was dirty. Some woman became a saint just because she never washed, and waited for her clothes to rot of as she piled more clothes on top. Her face was black with grime. The Catholics were after the entire mood of the Greco-Roman civilization, and kept at it for more than eleven centuries: when they took the last Muslim kingdom in Grenada, their very fascist majesties, Isabella of Castille and Ferdinand of Aragon closed all the 2,000 or so baths therein (disclaimer: an ancestor was ennobled by the Aragon king, 12 centuries ago).

    So what is the interest of a sharp dichotomy between the public and private spheres? It enforces a morality, a sort of hygiene: just as it is good to wash one hands. Recent studies show that just washing hands would cut down child mortality by 40% (diarrhea kills more children than all other diseases combined). Symbolically, preserving a private sphere is a king of conceptual washing: it keeps some bodily functions and activities out of the public morality, thus segregates and hence weakens their influence, allowing for a more elevated society, let alone diarrhea free..

    Any question?


    1. Patrice, there are times when you annoy the hell out of me. But, way over and above that childish sentiment from me, is a great love for that brain of yours! 🙂 If you ever come and stay with us, I guarantee you will have both a private bedroom and a private bathroom. Mind you the former might not be dog free! 😉


      1. Paul: it’s really a pleasure to annoy you from time to time, and a philosopher’s jobs is to irritate the maximum of maximally intelligent and cultivated people…


  2. BTW, I put a much expanded version of my preceding comment on my site, and thank you for the inspiration. It’s on cynicism. Cynicism can be translated as “learning from dogs”…


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