Picture parade one hundred and nineteen.

In further recognition of our wonderful wolves.

The background to these photographs, and the first set of six, was a week ago.













You all have a great week.


6 thoughts on “Picture parade one hundred and nineteen.

  1. Wonderful photos!! I don’t think I’d want to be the bison on the right in the first photo though…


  2. Yes Paul I agree. Not like that dentist!
    It does make you wonder though – if there is a Creator, why would He/She/It have made some animals herbivores,( even big ones like elephants and blue whales ) and others carnivores. It seems to me that with the latter, fear and cruelty are built into the system. Not exactly loving or compassionate.


    1. Marg, you need to know that you are communicating with someone, namely me, that does not follow any religion. Hope I don’t lose your interest in this place as a result of that. Nor anyone else, by the way!


      1. Definitely not Paul – quite the reverse. I too am not a follower of any religion – for basically the reason indicated in my musings above. I guess I’m an agnostic bordering on aethism… But I do believe that, as the Dalai Lama has suggested, kindness should be the universal ‘religion’ of the world.
        FYI most Australians are pretty non-religious. In fact we’ve had at least 2 Prime Ministers in the last 20 years who were declared aethists – something that would definitely rule out any US Presidential candidate I’m sure!
        – Margaret, Port Sorell, Tasmania, Australia


      2. Thank you, for I was worried that I might have upset you. Your mention of it being inconceivable that a US President, or a UK King or Queen, come to that, would ever be a non-believer is spot on. A couple of days ago, we were saying just that with two close friends here in Merlin. Australia is well ahead of many other countries.

        The love and affection predominantly shown by our dogs to people, irrespective of culture, colour or race, offers humanity the greatest lesson of all.


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