Dogs – What incredible companions!

Meet Lizzy The Dancing Dog and her Human Sandra Roth.

Last Saturday, I posted Let’s dance today!

It showed a dog dancing to music, or quite possibly, a dog scratching its back against a wall that someone had cleverly set to music.  The video had been sent to me by Chris Gomez.

Then Dan, a brother to Chris, and a close personal friend of mine for 35+ years, sent me the following. This is in a different league to Saturday’s little video. This raises questions as to how the dog was trained to perform like this? How long did it take? What’s the story behind the display?

All I could discover, from the blog Sun Gazing was, “This dog dance was performed at The Open European Championships and totally blew the crowd away.

Trust me, this is going to have you spellbound!


If anyone can provide the answers to my earlier questions then Dan and I would love to hear from you.

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