Wild Nature

Best laid plans of mice and men!

For reasons that I am still unclear about, yesterday slipped through my fingers before I knew it. That’s the worst mental state for me when I am trying to be creative over a new blog post. So it came around to 4:30pm yesterday and I knew that I was faced with two choices: not post or use something stored as a ‘draft’.

That’s what caused me to look through my draft posts folder and offer you this for today.

The videos are short but nonetheless beautiful.

They are the products of an Australian film company: Riggs Australia.

The list of nature films made by Riggs is impressive; to say the least.

Here’s a couple of examples of their wonderful filming.

Published on Oct 15, 2012
This 4 metre plus female great white had just bitten Mark’s cage and was circling when he turned on his camera …. at 1.09 he see’s it approaching from behind his cage. He’s been down at 26 metres for over half an hour and is forced to make a decision. Stay on the bottom and run into decompression time or confront it …. Starvation Bay, South Coast Western Australia, October 2011.

Published on Jun 11, 2014
Aerial perspectives of a huge pod of Bottlenose dolphins surfing waves off Esperance Western Australia … Enjoy!

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