EMF safety

From knowledge to awareness and then to protection.

Yesterday, I dipped into the subject of electro-magnetic radiation.  As hopefully made clear, I was writing in response to the film Beings of Frequency that was presented the previous day.

If you haven’t yet watched the film, then do.  To be frank, the posts of yesterday and today are that much more valuable after the film has been watched.


In terms of reducing the effects of EMF, then a quick ‘Google’ search will bring up teems of websites.  Many of them are selling filters, consultancy, EMF surveys, and more.  While in no way impugning those services, my instinct is to be drawn to those websites and blogs motivated by the desire to be informational alone.  At this stage of my research anyway.

Take EMF Damage for example, from which I quote:

There is a connection between electromagnetic fields and some cancers including leukemia

EMFDamage.com is online for these reasons:
1. To let you know there are serious health risks involved in living or working too close to power lines. I am certain the power line behind my home is the direct cause of my diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have also been linked to other adult leukemias, childhood leukemia and brain cancer.

2. In addition to EMFs from power lines, you may also be exposed to unhealthy levels of EMFs from sources inside your home and workplace. These fields are easier to control and correct.

3. There are many ways to detect and measure the EMF levels at your home and at work.

4. You can reduce high EMF levels to reduce your risk of exposure.

We sell nothing on this web site and have no affiliations with any of the linked businesses or organizations. The purpose of this web site is purely informational.

That gets my vote.

So too does the website The EI Wellspring.  On their ‘About‘ page they write:

This website’s primary purpose is to provide practical information for people with severe multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS/ES). MCS and EHS are closely related illnesses, which together are referred to as Environmental Illness (EI).

This is not a commercial site. Vendors and products are mentioned in some articles, but there are no paid product endorsements. Recommendations are based on the experiences of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this site or its management.

The information presented reflects the experience and opinions of individuals who wish to help others. Naturally, what works for one person may not work for another. The reader should evaluate the suggestions in the context of his or her own situation, and apply good judgment and common sense before following suggestions presented.

So at this time, I don’t have the awareness of just what levels of EMF radiation we are exposed to here at home.  But I’m going to undertake an investigation and, if we have a problem, work to a ‘cleaner’ house.

I shall be writing about this journey at regular intervals and explaining clearly why we did or did not do this or that.

What I would be delighted to publish on Learning from Dogs are accounts from others who have made similar journeys or know that they have been affected by EMF radiation.  Do please drop me an email.

11 thoughts on “EMF safety

  1. Hi Paul. This subject is way outside my area of expertise but, nevertheless, I find it hard to dismiss the behaviour of the communications industry as conspiracy theory. I have therefore sent Ben Goldacre the following email:

    Dear Ben,

    Beings of Frequency – a documentary linking numerous negative trends in biodiversity with microwave radiation.

    Can you help me, please? A blogger acquaintance of mine has recently posted this 1hr28min documentary produced and directed by James Russell. Without watching it, I responded on a subsequent post by referring to your Bad Science blog regarding electrosensitivity. I have now watched the video, which includes a contribution from the mysterious Dr Roger Coghill. However, I find many aspects of the film quite disturbing, for example:
    — Cordless home phones placed in bee hives resulting in the immediate non-return of bees; and
    — Mobile phone companies funding research that finds no reason for humans to be concerned.

    The film does not really explain why so-called Colony Collapse Disorder in bees suddenly emerged only 6 years ago. However, just as with the tobacco and fossil fuel industries, the communications industry would appear to have a powerful incentive to suppress and/or discredit any research that indicated that the use of their products represents a significant health risk.

    I am therefore hoping you can help separate fact from fiction.


  2. Yes the atmosphere is surrounded by waves of energy of this nature and others we cannot see… And it makes one wonder what affect these are having upon our own energy systems…. Thank you for this Post Paul
    ~Sue xox


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