Yet another vital cause – the African Lion

Please save the African Lion from extinction by listing them as an endangered species!

This came into my email in-box earlier this morning US Pacific time.  There is a deadline associated with the petition, hence me publishing this straight away.  While it is primarily aimed at those living in the USA, I believe that for those elsewhere there is still good to be had from supporting this urgent campaign.

First that email.

I think I’m starting to be known as “that Lion Lady”. First, I started a petition to get a restaurant in Kansas to stop serving lion meat (we won!), and then I started another to get the FDA to ban lion meat throughout the country. But I can’t help it — I do this all because lions’ very existence is at risk.

Now, I’m ecstatic: we have an unprecedented chance tosave African lions by getting them on the Endangered Species List. Listing them would not only keep lion meat off American plates but would save thousands of lions by addressing one of the biggest threats to the African lion population — trophy hunting. 

But just like restaurateurs opposed my petition to get lion meat out of a Kansas restaurant, wealthy American hunters are fighting to keep African lions off the Endangered Species List so they can continue to bring their bodies home as trophies. Our time is short — the government body in charge of the list is factoring public opinion into its decision and the public comment period ends on Monday.

In the past fifty years, the African lion population declined by as much as 90%. Many of the lion prides that do exist today are so genetically weak from being small and isolated by international borders that they can’t promise a future for African lions.

Legal trophy hunting is a major cause of African lions’ decline — and two thirds of the African lions killed by trophy hunters end up in the U.S. That’s thousands of lions!

Americans hold the key to saving the African lion. An Endangered Species listing would ban any lion parts or bodies from being imported into the U.S. — a huge deterrent to hunters who want to go on safari and bring back a trophy — as well as stop the sale of lion meat nationwide.

Click here to sign my petition, calling on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to designate the African lion as an endangered species now before its public comment period ends on Monday.

Thank you.

Cheryl Semcer (aka “The Lion Lady”!)
Hoboken, New Jersey

That petition link takes you here.  Here’s what you will read:

African lion

Petitioning Ken Salazar

Save African lions from extinction by listing them as an endangered species

Petition by Cheryl Semcer

Many people already think African lions are protected as an endangered species, but they aren’t listed under the Endangered Species Act. That means the US government doesn’t protect them, and it’s legal to import lion trophies and lion parts and to serve lion meat at restaurants here in the states.

I’ve been to Africa to volunteer with these amazing, social and family oriented animals and it worries me that they might disappear in my lifetime. But there’s hope: Right now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering adding African lions to the endangered species list.

We’ve lost more than 80-90% of the world’s lion population in recent decades due to massive habitat loss, disease, trophy hunters and the exotic animal trade. Two thirds of lion trophies have ended up in the United States over the last ten years! If listed as endangered, hunters will no longer be able to bring lion trophies into the US therefore saving a large number of the lion population.This is our chance to give these iconic animals the protections they need before they disappear forever.

We only have until the end of the day on Monday, January 28th to tell the government we support endangered species protections for lions!

Please sign my petition in support of listing lions under the Endangered Species Act. Once you’ve signed, I also encourage you to leave a comment on the official proposal at You will find the comment area on the upper right hand of the page.

Ken Salazar, Secretary of Interior
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Dear USFWS,Thank you for reviewing the status of African lions. I strongly urge you to list the African lion as “endangered” under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. (Docket No. FWS-R9-ES-2012-0025)

African lions are among the most iconic animals on the planet and I worry that they might disappear in my lifetime. I’ve read about their devastating habitat loss and threats from disease and hunters. We have lost 80%-90% of the worlds lion population in less than 50 years. It’s especially disturbing to see lion parts and lion meat sold in the United States, when this species has lost so much of its wild population in recent years.

The United States has a huge role to play, as a world leader and a major market for lions and lion parts. Please give African lions the protections they deserve and need by granting them Endangered Species Act protections.

Thank you.

[Your name]


So please, please don’t delay.  Go here and support this vital petition.  While I am unable to access the link, there is a link alongside the address panel for those living outside the US.

Thank you.


If you go to the Federal Register link, this one, you can enter a comment via a Comment button at the top right-hand corner of the webpage.  You will be required to leave your name and address and comments are being accepted from other countries.

So as well as signing the petition, please go to that link:

4 thoughts on “Yet another vital cause – the African Lion

  1. Missed the deadline. Emphasis on ‘dead’.

    … save African lions by getting them on the Endangered Species List…

    Nothing gets saved by being put on an endangered species list. These lists are acknowledgements of things about to go extinct. Things get saved by giving them room to breathe. Which we humans simply don’t do.

    In other news: another (estimated) 200 species of non-photogenic creatures went quietly extinct yesterday as a result of man’s mad dash to the end-game. And another 200 are scheduled to vanish into oblivion today…


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