Advertising on Learning from Dogs

Seeking your feedback, dear reader.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by WordPress saying that Learning from Dogs had been selected for a trial of a new service on WordPress known as WordAds.  I can do no worse than by quoting from that WordPress webpage.

Introducing WordAds

by jonburke

Over the years one of the most frequent requests on has been to allow bloggers to earn money from their blog through ads. We’ve resisted advertising so far because most of it we had seen wasn’t terribly tasteful, and it seemed like Google’s AdSense was the state-of-the-art, which was sad. You pour a lot of time and effort into your blog and you deserve better.

Well we think we’ve cracked it, and we’re calling it WordAds.

Blogs are unique and they shouldn’t be treated like every other page on the internet. There are more than 50,000 WordPress-powered blogs coming online every day, and every time I explore them randomly I’m always surprised and delighted by how people are using the platform to express themselves.

As a WordPress user you’re breathing rarefied air on the internet: the Creators, the Independents. Creative minds aren’t satisfied being digital sharecroppers on someone else’s domain, and you want to carve out your own piece of the internet and have a space that you’re proud of because it’s so… you.

If you’re going to have advertising on your site, it darn well better be good, and beginning with our partnership withFederated Media we’re ready to start rolling out WordAds here on

I see that in the last hour that the trial has commenced and now when you access Learning from Dogs you will see the advertisement, including one inserted to this Post 😉

So please after a few days do let me have your views, as a comment to this post.  All comments will be published assuming, of course, they accord with my comment rules.

Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Advertising on Learning from Dogs

  1. Given that the vast majority must surely opt for a subscription-free domain name, I have often wondered how WordPress survives financially without annoying its users with advertising. Therefore, although I would love not to see advertising on my sidebar, footer or header (let alone embedded in my blog posts like that above), I suspect it is inevitable. I guess it is the price we all pay for living in a money-fetishized world.


    1. I’ve yet to establish how the advertising revenues are divided, let alone what a blogger might achieve. But in terms of the placement of the advert, i.e. at the foot of an individual post, how do you find that?


      1. I was not even considering the possibility that there might be anything in it for the individual blogger but, if we must have them appearing, at the end is definitely best.


      2. See the first sentence of the piece by Jon Burke, that piece in quotes, that reads, ‘Over the years one of the most frequent requests on has been to allow bloggers to earn money from their blog through ads.’ (My italics.)


  2. Just surfacing here, like the Nautilus. There are adverts on my blog, I have noticed, including some from the U.s. government. I have nothing to do with them, and don’t even know where and how they come from.
    In general, philosophically, I have no objection to advertizing, as long as it’s philosophically compatible with me. Thus FT advertisement would be OK.
    Fact is, we have to eat, and influence. Power is welcome. As long as it helps.


  3. Paul: Are you suppose to get money from ads on your site. Certainly no money is going to me whatsoever. Now, of course if I could become financially independent from my site, I would have more power acrueing to my point of view, and that is why i have no objection to the principle of the things.

    Ultimately bloggers will thus kill mega media, and mega banks ought to follow…
    Thanks for commenting on my site, long and thoughtful, BTW, it’s much appreciated…


  4. This sounds like a good opportunity for your blog. I love reading your posts because I think that we can learn so much from our furry friends.


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