Rules for Comments

For all the obvious reasons there must be some rules about comments and postings on this Blog:

  • No vulgar or profane language.
  • No personal attacks on others whether in public life or not.  ‘Others’ also includes those who provide comments to posts on the Learning from Dogs Blog.
  • Respect the gender, race, religion, nationality and identity of all.
  • Do not insult either directly or by implication categories or groups of people.
  • Anonymous comments will only be accepted if they are entirely innocent and not provocative.  If you have an anonymous user ID and want to say something provocative then please add your name to your comment.
  • This Blog is being conducted in English, that is both the British and American versions!
  • The authors of the Learning from Dogs Blog cannot and will not expose themselves to the risk of being sued (this includes posted comments) so we will do everything possible to:
    • avoid copyright infringement
    • protect others’ secrets
    • avoid criticising other Governments if those Governments Policies do not allow such criticism.  (This applies to nationals of those Governments.)

We welcome all feedback especially from any reader who believes that these simple rules have been broken on this Blog.

Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Rules for Comments

  1. Such amazing blog, I’ll look forward on browsing and commenting/collaborating too. I just set up a twitter account and maybe I’ll tweet some of the post here.. keep it up! 😉


    1. We all thank you for that wonderful comment. An early little Christmas gift for me! A rough week… I needed some positive feedback. I am proud of this group, and how they debate and discuss for genuine learning and understanding but with consideration and respect for others. It is absolutely liberating and refreshing to write in this environment!

      All the best,


  2. I seem to have difficulty finding the “comments”. So my semi-smart observation that integrity is more important than happiness, shall pass unheeded… 😉


  3. Hello Paul, You’ve been nominated by me for the Sunshine Blogger Award as I like reading your positive words and take on life. Take a look at my blog for more details if you wish to take up this challenge, and here are my questions for you, which go with it:

    My 11 questions for my nominees

    Over to you guys – and good luck! I look forward to reading your answers.

    What motivated you to start writing your blog?
    What one thing would you like to see more of in the world?
    What is the closest you’ve come to death?
    If you were an animal, what would you be?
    What is your favourite meal?
    If you could time travel, where would you go?
    What is your most treasured possession?
    Which person had the greatest influence on you when you were growing up?
    What is your favourite blog post out of those you’ve already written?
    You receive a suprise windfall of £20,000. What will you do with it?
    Who is your favourite author?


      1. Just take your time Paul, it’s taken me long enough and whilst I wanted to rise to the challenge of the whole thing, it does take a fair bit of work – thinking as well as writing (when it’s really more relaxing just walking the dog!)


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