The Trap, Adam Curtis

This coming next couple of weeks is going to see me reflecting on some of the powerful messages that flow from three one-hour documentaries by Adam Curtis during a series of programmes for the BBC in 2007.

For today, just enjoy the BBC trailer. (Assuming ‘enjoy’ is the right expression!)

2 thoughts on “The Trap, Adam Curtis

  1. It makes me smile.. Freedom of Choice.. has many levels. … And our Media has much to play within our Human nature of the Seeds sown to cause us to Fear.. Who is manipulating who within our Governing bodies around our globe, I wonder??.. THE TRAP is a good choice of title… argh if only all would understand Freedom comes from within us all.. as we all of us buy into our society adhering to the indoctrinations of this modern day world with gadgets and possessions.. All of it will have to be re-evaluated when we have to contend with our Supreme Ruler.. That of Mother Nature..
    I have saved for further viewing Paul and will view with interest your next posts when I have more time.. Be Well and I hope your UK trip was most enjoyable..
    Sue Dreamwalker


    1. Thanks Sue, the UK trip was great, lovely to see my little grandson, but good to be back to our Arizonan backwater! Do watch all three episodes as I pretty sure you will find them compelling viewing. P.


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